Friday, September 15, 2023

Current Purpose of Life :)

The scenic view of MBS and CBD area of Singapore

As some of you had already known, I was no longer a full-time traveler now. The job was kinda tying me down to remain staying in Singapore city. I had no problem of staying here at the country as I had traveled enough for the past two years after the pandemic had eased down.

Starting this month, however, I had another kind of life, a life that I used to lead. Out of nowhere, I received messages from many of my good friends who were staying overseas. They informed me that their friend, or their cousin, or their spouse, or their family, or themselves were coming down here for a short trip of many different purposes. Some was for holiday, some for working, some for other foreign country Visa appointment, some for attending religious purposes, and so on.

I was very grateful that they all still remembered me, despite we had not met each other again for quite a long time (since before pandemic, or and many years before that). As long someone went over here, they would think of me. I was very happy with their remembrance of my presence here. Many would even ask and offer if I had anything that I wished to have from their home country. Such a sincere heart touched my heart.

Since last year, many of my Bhutanese friends flew to Australia for studying and or working. There were lots of them. I felt like 80% of them were there to experience a different kind of lives. But the rest of 20% was still remaining in Bhutan and led their lives like usual, and some with changes happening through their lives due to some circumstances. And those whom contacted me of the arrival of their acquaintance, mostly were residing still in Bhutan.

Lao Pa Sat - It's Tiger time!!! Cheers...

So, once in a while, with their visits, I would have a chance to meet up with them. If they stayed longer, we would have more chances to meet and if I was free, I would be able to accompany them to visit some of the Singapore tourist attractions. However, they would usually follow my plans (which usually traveling in budget) by visiting places that required no admission tickets to purchase. It would both save our pockets while we still could enjoy the beautiful scenery of Singapore city.

Personally I felt that the prices of the tickets to those tourist attractions had increased a lot and very expensive. E.g. visit to Singapore zoo would cost S$48 per pax, while visit to both zoo and River Wonder or Bird Paradise would cost S$88 per pax. There might some % of discount offer, but it was still expensive for me. SEA aquarium would cost S$32 per pax. If you were coming alone, it was fine and especially if you had never experienced going such place. But if you came with family (spouse and children), that would cost quite a lot!

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple - Little India

So usually, I would not bring them there. They could visit on their free time. But under my guide, I would bring them to see Singapore beautiful city scenery like to see the famous Merlion statue sprouting water from its mouth, the view of Marina Bay Sands, CBD (Central Business District) area, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, to specialty areas like Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street, and so on.

Apart from guiding them on how to go around Singapore by themselves, I could also advise where to buy things they wanted to buy, where and what to eat (different categories of food providers here, such as: hawker center, food court, and restaurant), and even took beautiful pictures for them (as I was blessed with quite good quality of camera phone). Compared with usual Singaporean citizen, I was sure that I was good enough to provide such hospitality to my dear overseas friends. Hahahahaha..... In a way, I was still travelling, but domestically and within the country ^^

This post was not written for me to show off, but to share with you my activities lately as I had to remain staying in Singapore and no longer became the full-time traveler. And I never asked them for money nor tips of my service hahahaha... but they usually showed their gratitude and appreciation by giving me gifts from their home country. So, thank you very much for your kind thought and gesture lah :)

I had a chance to browse the country as a guide and tourist, exercised my legs, challenged my brains on what to do, where to go, how to go, and so on, like took it as some form of exercising both physical and mind, becoming an active individual rather than just staying at home, doing nothing or just watching some dramas.

Beautiful scenery of the Garden by the Bay at night

That was also why I chose to settle down here in Singapore - for their geographical situation, for their safety to go around day and night, for their convenient public transports and accesses, for the free shows offered to both local and tourists in some places, for the government and political stability situation, and so on. The only downsize was that it all came with a price (the increasing cost of everything here - food, transport, utility, services, tax, etc.)

Still, I felt grateful and thankful. Well, that was the post for the day! Hope you all found your purpose in life too apart from living a mundane everyday life. Wish you all a great weekend and F1 weekend is here!!! Those who came to Singapore for this special event, have a great time ahead!!! Ciao!!!


Sherab Tenzin said...

You make a good free tourist guide especially for Bhutanese coming Singapore, which is very good. I also remember how you used to take me around Singapore during my initial days in Singapore. Can't thank you enough.

Overcome Life said...

Hehehe... It is my way of appreciation and also to thank all my Bhutanese friends who brought me around Bhutan and other parts of the world during my previous journeys. So it is more like giving back to those who need it la :) You also brought me to some other places here in Singapore. Thank you too lo :)

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