Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday wish

Yesterday it was my friend's birthday. She is my ex-colleague. We've known each other for few years already. We went to Bali together last year. She used to work as Chef Administrator, then transferred to Engineering Dept as Administrator there. But only after few months, she resigned. Her passion is still with F&B Department.

She has resigned for quite some time. At the mean time, she was taking part-time job at a small pub in Upper Serangoon. She told me about this place since long time back but I hadn't had any chance to go and visit her.

Since yesterday it was her birthday and she was working, I thought of visiting her. It's a good time to visit her, I guessed. Hehe... My hubby was joining me last night since he was off and needed a break. We met up for dinner at Kovan, then took bus to the pub.

I bought a slice of Chocolate cake for her and we lighted up the candle when she didn't look. Hehe... It's just a simple celebration, just three of us. She made a wish before blowing up the candle. We had a chit chat while I drank a bottle of apple cider. We left at 8.40pm as I had to do stock take today. And just now she messaged me.

Guess what? She told me that her Birthday wishes came true :) The HR just called her and she got a job in a new hotel as F&B Administrator :) She just went to interview yesterday and tonight she got the job. Congrats Wee!!! I'm happy for you :) Hope she likes her new place soon!! Well, wish her all the best, not only for her career, but also her health, well-being, joy, wealth, luck, and happiness!!!


Sangay Cholden said...

Belated Happy birthday to your friend!!! Great that wish came true for her!!

Overcome said...

Thank you Sangay, I will let her know. Yup, it was great for her :)

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