Saturday, March 30, 2013

101 Life Lessons From the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Below is 101 Life Lessons as derived from the book above (Those in "purple" means - 'I am glad I have been doing that', "blue" means 'I'm working on it', while nothing means.. no comment.. hehehe...):

1. Discover your calling (There is a purpose of life to each one of us. It's up to us how we want it to be)
2. Everyday, be kind to a stranger (It's said, if you made even one person smile during your day or brighten the mood of even one stranger, your day has been worthwhile)
3. Maintain your perspective
4. Practice tough love (Life-discipline isn't easy but I'll work on it!!)
5. Keep a journal (Started doing it few months back and loving it!!!)
6. Develop an honesty philosophy (I seldom make any promises as I know it's hurt when promises were made to be broken. But I mean what I say)
7. Honor your past (Learn from mistakes and get stronger!)
8. Start your day well (Fresh new day. Forget all the things happened the day before and grateful for a new day that comes. Be positive!!!)
9. Learn to say no gracefully
10. Take a weekly Sabbatical (I always provide time for myself to do my own things, no matter how busy I am)
11. Talk to yourself (Love having 'me' time)
12. Schedule worry breaks (Never done this before)
13. Model a child (I wish I can...)
14. Remember, genius is 99 percent inspiration (High inspiration with no action done means nothing)
15. Care for the temple - physical temple (Do the best I can!! Jia you!!!)
16. Learn to be silent (Just discovered how important silent is)
17. Think about your ideal neighborhood
18. Get up early (Is 7 considered early? Lolx! Sometimes get up as early as 5am going for cycling ^^)
19. See your troubles as blessings
20. Laugh more
21. Spend a day without your watch (Sometimes I forgot to bring my watch, but I used hand phone to get the time)
22. Take more risks
23. Live a life (Feel the pain and savor the happiness)
24. Learn from a good movie
25. Bless your money
26. Focus on the worthy (Focus on the good things :D)
27. Write Thank-You notes
28. Always carry a book with you (So long as you live, keep learning how to live)
29. Create a love account
30. Get behind people's eyeballs
31. List your problems (Feel much better after doing this)
32. Practice the action habit (Need lots of determination to do this....)
33. See your children as gifts
34. Enjoy the path, not just the reward (I enjoy in everything that I do, like it or don't like it, I enjoy them all)
35. Remember that awareness precedes change
36. Read Tuesdays with Morrie
37. Master your time
38. Keep your cool (Still working on this)
39. Recruit a Board of Directors
40. Cure your monkey mind
41. Get good at asking
42. Look for the higher meaning of your work
43. Build a library of heroic books (Still prefer to just borrow from library or otherwise give it to others after reading rather than storing it)
44. Develop your talents (Walk very slow but doing it)
45. Connect with nature (Loving it!)
46. Use your commute time
47. Go on news fast
48. Get serious about setting goals (Often giving excuse to myself)
49. Remember the rule of 21 (develop the new habit in 21 days)
50. Practice forgiveness
51. Drink fresh fruit juice (Started doing it few months back and loving it!!!)
52. Create a pure environment
53. Walk in the woods (Love doing this whenever possible ^^)
54. Get a coach (Everyone can be my coach)
55. Take a mini-vacation
56. Become a Volunteer (Hahaha.... I'm very bad on this...)
57. Find your six degrees of separation
58. Listen to music daily
59. Write a legacy statement
60. Find three great friends
61. Read The Artist's Way
62. Learn to meditate (Tried to... but laziness overcome it :P)
63. Have a living funeral (in my mind only)
64. Start complaining and start living
65. Increase your value
66. Be a better parent
67. Be unorthodox
68. Carry a goal card
69. Be more than your moods
70. Savor the simple stuff
71. Stop condemning
72. See your day as your life
73. Create a master mind alliance
74. Create a daily code of conduct
75. Imagine a richer reality
76. Become the CEO of your life
77. Be humble
78. Don't finish every book you start
79. Don't be so hard on yourself
80. Make a vow of silence
81. Don't pick up the phone every time it rings
82. Remember that recreation must involve re-creation
83. Choose worthy opponents
84. Sleep less
85. Have a family mealtime
86. Become an imposter
87. Take a public speaking course
88. Stop thinking tiny thoughts
89. Don't worry about things you can't change (Since it can't be change, why worry?? Pray hard instead)
90. Learn how to walk (Be aware of the surrounding when walking.. Love it!!!)
91. Rewrite your life story (Sometimes in my email, sometimes in my blog...)
92. Plant a tree (I wish I can do this... Not in this country that scarce of land)
93. Find your place of peace
94. Take more pictures (Love doing this.. It recalls back lots of memory from the past...)
95. Be an adventurer (Still not doing enough)
96. Decompress before you go home
97. Respect your instincts
98. Collect quotes that inspire you (Dunno since when I have this habit...)
99. Love your work (I'm happy so far I'm enjoying what I do at work)
100. Selflessly serve
101. Live fully so you can die happy (My purpose of life)

"Live your life by choice rather than by chance, by design rather than by default."


Precious Moment said...

Love Robin Sharma. I read the Monk who sold his ferrari few years ago. Its very spiritual, but meaningful! I admit din read it to the last page as I started to fall asleep in the last quarter of the books.
No explanation why.... just ZzzzZzz soundly. Perhaps the book helped me to understand certain things and to get rid of those worries ba... hihihi

cindy said...

I chanced upon this book last week. Managed to read through a bit. Now I regret for not buying it. Might go get it tomorrow. :)

Overcome Life said...

Hi Shel, you're right. His book is really meaningful. I just borrowed The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO. Just read front part and I loved it already hehe....

Hi Cindy, hope it will be useful for you too... :) Thanks for reading this!

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