Sunday, March 17, 2013

Curiosity.. and spiritual life journey

These past few days I've been searching for interesting books to satisfy my hunger and thirst of learning something new. Curiosity is the main motivation of borrowing those books.

Wanted to know Ajahn Chah's teachings. He is one of the most accomplished spiritual masters, and he has inspired and guided innumerable people in the arts of Buddhist meditation and skillful living. He is committed himself to a life of simplicity and renunciation, conveying the Buddha's teachings through wisdom, humor, and a great sense of compassion. May I learn something from this book.

'The Alchemist' has been sold more than 65 million copies in 150 countries and has been translated into 60 languages, written by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. I read somewhere that he has written great novels. Although I find it out a little bit late, nevertheless it's better late than never know about it at all, right?

'Committed' by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's continuation of her book, Eat, Pray, Love. She swore never, ever, to get married. but providence intervened one day in the form of the U.S. government. She was given two choices: either they get married, or Felipe would never be allowed to enter the country again. The book reveals the debunked myths, unthreads fears of marriage, and suggested that sometimes even the most romantic of souls must trade in her amorous fantasies for the humbling responsibility of adulthood.

And last one, 'Until I Say Good-Bye', written by Susan Spencer-Wendel with Bret Witter. Susan learned she had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) - Lou Gehrig's disease, an irreversible condition that destroys the nerves that power the muscles. She was 44 years old, with three young children, and she only had one year of health remaining. She decided to live that year and spend time with her family and friends. She took seven trips with the seven most important people in her life - to the Yukon, Hungary, the Bahamas, and Cyprus. This book is about the life of an incredible woman, one that will inspire us all to live every day with gratitude, wonder and love.

Hehe... How did u feel? Some of you may have read some of the books above. Did you get inspired? I won't say I'm wasting my time by choosing read book every weekend rather than studying and take exam. For me, both are equally important. But learning spiritually will help and guide you in our life journey, don't you think so?

I still remember what my dear friend told me in one of our conversation that he is now learning and preparing on how to overcome problems and issues in life, while others are busy enriching their lives with their career, family, and other valuable items. But one day, when they are struck with problem and difficulties, they may not know how to handle. They may get lost and get crazy. I support his thinking though.

Seriously, I don't know where I get all this strength from, to embrace life positively. I feel blessed to realize about impermanence, to accept reality, to let go, that many people are still unable to even have a grasp on it. Many are still living under delusion, under their own perception, unable to wake up and let go.

But I still have a thing that until now it just appears in my mind, but it is very hard for me to do and practice: meditation. Hehehe... I always think of doing it before sleep,or during spare time, and so on. But my body was too lazy to even just sit still. Haha... I was thinking if I should go somewhere else to do. When I was inside the airplane, on the way to Kolkata, there were two persons sitting beside me (daughter and father). They flew to Kolkata for three days to stay in the Ashram. After reading Eat, Pray, Love, I was wondering if I should try that as well as part of my life journey. It sounds hard but very interesting. They left me an address of the meditation centre that they usually attend in Singapore. Should I try and go there? Should I start a spiritual journey from there?


Sangay Cholden said...

Better you try meditation miam!! hehe.. inspiring dialogue of your friend!!

Overcome said...

Hi Sangay, thanks for ur advise. I've been wanting to do it since quite some time but I haven't pushed myself enough to do so. Haha...
Yeah, it's good to know my dear friend has a such thinking and we learn from each other ba! Wish u have a nice day!

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