Sunday, March 03, 2013

Gender of a child

My sis just posted a blog yesterday. She just went for her USG check up and the question that made me laughed was... when she was asking her doctor, if her baby is still a boy.. Hehehe... Don't get mad Sis, ok? I was just finding one of the video in the YouTube below, and the title is "The 3 Deadliest Words In The World - It's a Girl".

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If you have watched the video above, you could find out how many Indian and Chinese nationalities were killing their baby girl and how they preferred the baby boy on their own.

OMG!!! I was then realized how lucky we are!!! Me and my other four sisters, especially me, as the last daughter of my parents!!! My parents are Chinese too, and usually as Chinese, they prefer to have a son to continue their lifeline. We are siblings of five and we only have one brother in the middle. The greatest thing is that even thought I was born as a girl, my parents never had an intention to kill me, like what the Indian parents did in the video.

I am really lucky to have my parents as my parents!!! Not only they didn't kill me, but also they ensure that all of us were educated properly so that we could lead our own lives properly. Although my parents were not well educated, but my dad earned his money to ensure we were all well educated as he believes that everyone has their own destiny in life, has their own lives, and we all deserves to live in proper way in this world.

So, Sis, I know, you're expecting to have a baby girl, just like 2nd sis and our brother, but I'm sure we all have our own karma to how we'll lead our lives. Most importantly, we wish that all our children are born well and healthy, no matter what gender they are, and to be grateful for what we're given.

To tell you the truth, from my husband's families. so far there is no baby girl is born yet. My hubby's RIP father has 9 siblings, and among all the children who has got married and bear children, none of them were born as baby girl, which means, all was born as baby boy.. hahaha... Amazing, really!!! I don't know if all of us should be happy or sad...

However, I'm really lucky that my parents never gave up on all of us, although we were all born as their four daughters, and actually, we are all very concern and care about them, even we were born as women. Seriously, I really feel that it was result of karma from our past lives. If I've to be born again as human being in my future lives, I still prefer them to be my parents hehehe... Maybe I was saying this too in my past lives, so that now I'd been born as their daughter.... :D

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Liana - Yi Zhen said...

I know how sad that they did not value a girl. Thats why i want to create a strong girl if i have one to prove that we equally with a boy.
I accept that my second child as a boy, of course I gonna love him like his bro. But because I only plan to have 2 children, thats why I have a wish too..,. :)

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