Monday, March 25, 2013

Good morning :)

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift. That's why they call it a present." - Bill Keane

I couldn't agree more with it.

Every morning alarm clock woke me up without fail. Its sound was too loud, could even wake the whole house up. And before it happened, I had to quickly turn it off.

The curtains were blocking the sunshine to come into my room. Sometimes it was dark still although the time shown was 7am. I stretched my body up vertically, left and right, to let the muscles felt its existence and to let the blood flowing up to my brain to tell me, "It's morning! Another new day! Wake up!"

I went out to turn on the heater and back to my room to choose what to wear. I had to think if there was anything to do on the day. If I had appointment or anything required me to move fast during work, break, or after work, I'd choose long pants. If nothing special, then I'd choose skirt. Hehe.... But sometimes my brain didn't work yet, so I often wore wrong attires :P

I went into the bathroom. I turned on the radio. I love hearing music while bathing. It connected me with outside world even though I was still inside my house. Listening to music made me alive. Sometimes I even sang together when listening to the song that I knew.

I had this habit of taking a bath early in the morning before school, no matter how early it was. By living in tropical country, I couldn't stand the stickiness of the sweat in afternoon time that always happened if I didn't take a bath.

It took me less than half an hour to prepare myself. Once ready, I took out my dirty clothes and flung it into the washing machine on my way out of the house. While waiting or inside the lift, I would put in the sandal shoes properly into my two feet. At the same time, I would take out the ear phones and mobile phone from my bag. As usual, I would choose the Buddhist chant, third row from my play list, and listened to it all the way to work.

The song soothed out my mind. As I walked, listened to the music, I would see the sun rise in front of me, behind the MRT station's building, or sometimes behind the HDB block. The color that illuminate the sky, sometimes it was red (means I was early), and sometimes it was blue (means I was late).

I felt blessed every time I looked at the sun rise. Lots of time I couldn't stop myself to capture its beautiful color into my mind and my mobile phone camera. If walked early, I could feel the cool breeze, fresh air surrounds me, and when I was late, I could feel the heat from the sun rise.

I always thank the above for giving me a new day again, a chance to start a new beginning, over and over again. I would forget the sadness and sorrow that I felt the day before and fill my mind with a fresh new beginning, to spend my day in a better way, to bring happiness to people surrounds me with my smile, to learn each and every day from the mistake I made, to make myself a better person, better existence to the world.

As the train departed, I would start the journey of the day, be ready for whatever it comes: to the challenge, to the hardship, to the happiness, to overcome whatever things that may come, as to live my life to the fullest. Good morning everyone! Embrace the day with your own choice in life. Have a wonderful day!!! :)

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