Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Clinic for Autoimmunity and Rheumatology Center at SGH

On Monday I went into the 5th appointment to give blood, urine, tears, and saliva sample. The laboratory clinic has changed to the main building at 1st floor as the clinic for autoimmune disease and rheumatology has moved to a new building.

Wow!!! I was amazed! There is a separate clinic now. The place was occupied by Traditional Chinese Medication center, but the lease has over and they moved somewhere else. The Research Officer lady brought me into the new clinic.

Hmmmm...... Once we entered, we could smell the paint and new furnitures smell! Everything is new!!! All the office equipments, the bed to check the patient, even the dust bins are all new!

It's good that finally it has its own clinic. They used to share with patients from other departments. But it is also a bad sign, which means there must be an increasing trend of patients who suffer from this sickness :(

Well, show you photos of the new clinic from the outside :)

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