Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to the world!!!

This morning my sis finally gave birth her second child at 11.30am Melbourne time. It's a boy!!! Congratulations for the happy parents, Denny & Liana!!! Rafa is having a new brother now :)

And guess what? My sis gave her baby's name based on my suggestion. Hahaha.... She was thinking about what names should be given to her second child. Her first son was named after a Spanish professional tennis player and former world no. 1, Rafael Nadal. So his first son was named Rafa. Denatra was abbreviated form of Denny, Liana, 'putra'. 'Putra' is Indonesian language, means son. So, it means son of Denny and Liana. And Lee is surname of Denny. Therefore, first son was named Rafa Denatra Lee.

And second one, was named Rico Denatra Lee. Rico is a Spanish name too. But I told her to name Rico, since I have a colleague, Indonesian Chinese, now in his twenties, looks very handsome, kind heart, and study hard too (currently he is working and studying part-time after work). And since her first son name started with R, so Rico is quite a nice name to have. Hehe... I didn't expect she really took my opinion to use it as his second's son's name hehe....

Thank you SB for giving my sis a smooth delivery and Rico was born healthy and normal. Hope when he grows up, he can be a good man and filial to his parents, also take care his elder brother. Happy parenthood Sis!!

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