Friday, August 02, 2013

In the mood of TGIF :)

OH, what a day to start with!!! In the middle of the night, after having a deep sweet sleep (helped by a glass of red wine :D), I was awaken by the sound of the rain. It wasn’t a heavy rain, but quite a pour.

The weather was so cooling. I went for a little break in the toilet while listening to the hum of the rain through the small toilet’s window. Oh, I loved it so much! After that, I tried to get back to my dreamland, and only 1.5 hours later I managed to sleep. Hehe…

Since last month, almost every morning the soil has been wet by the juice from the sky. I was unable to go for my ritual cycling session, rest alone to wake up early at 5am. Hahaha…. The laziness has come over me now. But I could feel the benefit of exercising for an hour every morning. I was having a great health during that period.

Only lately (it’s been two weeks now), that I still haven’t recovered fully. Started with sore throat, then flu, and now cough. It came one by one, at least one at a time. I’ve been drinking honey 3 cups a day since that day I bought and it’s almost finished now. It did great help for my sore throat, but not completely healed my cough.

I’d stopped taking coffee for a week and just now I was craving to get one. After so long, it tasted so good!!! Hehehe… I love our canteen’s coffee. It’s brewed by the coffee machine, and using a good quality of coffee bean :D Added little bit of milk and sugar, and voila!!!

To add my happiness, there were 2 persons calling me '美女' - read: mei nu - in English means 'beautiful lady' this morning. Hahahahaha.... Usually someone uses this words to greet a beautiful lady when they didn't know what your name was.

One of them was greeted by our contractor's staff. At first he heard from other staff that I'm married with two kids. When he was confirmed with me if it's true, I told him, 'No lah.. Who was the fellow who spoiled my market ah??' Hahahaha... Then he immediately said, 'I also thought it wasn't true. You really look like a single woman.' After that I didn't confirm his own statement so he really thought I was single.  Hahaha... Peace!! :D But after a while he got to know I was married with one son and still he called me 美女 every time he saw me and it made my day, really!!! :D

It’s Friday again! I feel over the moon when Friday comes. Why not every day is Friday??? Hehe… But it wasn’t only me who is happy that today is Friday! I could see lots of other friends were exciting too and posted their excitement through their FB posts.

To represent my feeling, listen to the song below or click the following link

Have a great Friday everyone!!! Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones everywhere around the world!!! :)

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