Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Garut - Satisfied my thirst of nature beauties

I know it's long overdue. My trip back home, spending exclusive time, only me and my dear parents, was happening about two months ago. Wow, it felt just like yesterday. We went to a place called Garut, which took us almost 5 hours driving from Jakarta.

We spent two nights in a modest hotel where our room was equipped with a big bath - free flow of hot and cold spring water.Three of us stayed together in one room. 

Our humble place to stay in Garut
In the morning, the sunrise view was fabulous!! Perhaps I was lucky to be there in such a good weather.

Beautiful sunrise
At night time, we could see the bright moon above the sky too (on Vesak day's eve - where moon was at its brightest).

Beautiful moonlight at Vesak Day's Eve

The weather was cooling down there as its location was surrounded by mountains.Oh, I love the place sooo much!!! It was so beautiful!! There were fields of rice, corn, beans, wheat, potatoes, and so on. The land was so fertile and water was abundance over there.

Beautiful natures - Loving it so much!
On second day, my father brought us to Derajat Mountain. From there, we could see the view of the mountain located opposite of it, called Mt. Cikurai. Again, its view was marvelous! We were very lucky indeed blessed with such a perfect view and weather!!!

Mount Cikurai
In Derajat Mountain, we went to see Kawah Derajat. The place was rich of natural gas and hot spring water.

Kawah Derajat
After that, we went to a resort called Kampung Sampireun. It was located somewhere inside the village. It was so beautiful!!! The room rates are not cheap too! It ranges from Rp. 2.2 million to Rp. 5.5 million (USD$210 to $550) per room up to Suite with three rooms. Wow!!! It's a nice place for honeymoon though. Very close to nature. We had afternoon break over there enjoying a plate of deep fried banana, pineapple, and sweet potato with a glass of coffee / bondrek (ginger drink with coconut) / and bajigur (sweet one with coconut milk drink). Very nice la... I wished I could stay there for few days and had myself relaxed!!! Hehe...

Kampung Sampireun - Garut, West Java
Talking about relax... Usually my father went to Garut to have a foot reflexology. It was done by someone (we called him 'Pak Haji', but his name is Pak Endang). He is Muslim, but he does the foot reflexology very well, learned the skills from his father. His brother does that too at his house.

We went twice, on first and last day before going back home. On first day, we were quite lucky that no other visitor there, so we could start the massage right away. But on the last day, there were so many people waiting for their turn. Believe it or not, we waited for three hours before our turn.

If you think that we did a comfortable and relaxed massage, you are wrong!!! Hahaha... Just by looking at other people being massaged, you could make yourself scared and perhaps going back home right away. Lolx!!! Telling you, it was hurt!! Hurt like hell!!! Hahaha... I was crying out loud when he massage my foot. He knew the points to massage on foot. Each point represents our organ body. So, if you sick or suffer from something, he would know it just by pressing into your foot. And he would press it hard, as he believes that pressing it harder and often, would cure the sickness.

When it was my Mom's turn, she was shouting and crying out loud!! People who were initially waiting outside, all came and sat inside immediately. You know why? They were enjoying the suffering felt by my Mom. Hahaha... The louder the shout, the happier they are. Haha.. Didn't know that this could bring some entertainment and make others happy too! Hahaha... So, if you want to make others happy, you can go there and try the massage yourself :P

The trip was wonderful!! I enjoyed it very much! While waiting for our turn, my father and I had a chit chat. It's our own private time. Most of the time he did the talk. I was his listener. Haha.. Because I wanted to learn from him, from his experience in life, from what he encountered in his life. I loved having this kind of conversation with him. I learn a lot from him.

Thank you Pa and Ma for bringing me to this trip. I had a wonderful time with both of you. I've satisfied my hunger of this beautiful natures from a small place like Garut. I've seen the unexpected so beautiful sunrise and sunset. I've eaten lots of nice local food, which I enjoyed it very much. I've a foot reflexology, which I knew from there that apart from SLE, my other organs were in very very good conditions :) except some area la.. haha... I've spent precious time with both of you, who pampered me a lot and made me very happy. Thank you, thank you and thank you! Hope we can have much more chances to go together again!! Love you both!!!


Riku said...

I loved your pictures so much. Thank you so much for the wonderful treat, this post. Keep writing la.

Anonymous said...

Indeed u had a great time. I am jealous la. and u ve very sweet parents. Lukcy gal.

Ugyen Gyeltshen (porky pie)

Anonymous said...

I remember usually mom will threat Pak Haji before being massaged by him.. Dont press hard.. please be gentle.. hahahhaha

Overcome Life said...

Thanks Riku! It's indeed a very beautiful place :)

Overcome Life said...

Hi Ugyen, thanks for your comment :) Don't need to jealous la! Just be sweet parents to your children ba! :)

Overcome Life said...

Hahaha... Her threat didn't work though :D Lolx!!!

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