Monday, July 29, 2013

Paint competition winners + Cafe 1 makeover

Still remember my previous post regarding the half day weekend burn to paint the wall with my son and colleagues??? Now all walls had been painted fully by all five teams.

The theme this time called "Around The World"

There were total of 29 Posters displayed next to each drawings of significant icons of various countries. We were divided into five teams into five zones and we were allocated few countries in each zone. It took us 3 weeks to paint the walls. 

So, below are the results for you to enjoy. While looking at it, try to guess who the Champion is! :)

Zone A
Zone A: Asia - Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Sydney, Osaka done by FnB service staffs

Zone B
Zone B: Asia - Beijing, Foshan, Kunshan, Shanghai, Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore - done by Rooms department's staffs

Zone C
Zone C: Saudi Arabia/ Turkey - Makkah, Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul - done by Culinary and Stewarding staffs

Zone D
Zone D: Germany/ Switzerland - Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Duesseldorf, Basel, Geneva, Zurich, Amsterdam - done by Housekeeping, Security, and Engineering staffs

Zone E
Zone E: United States/ Peru/ Ecuador/ Estonia/ Russia - Chicago, Lima, Quito, Tallin, Moscow - done by Executive Office, Sales, Finance, Reservation, and HR staffs

And the winner of this competition is........ Actually every team is a winner. All other teams, except the Champion team get S$500! While the Champion team gets S$1,000. And the Champion team is....

Before telling you who the Champion is, I would like to show you our staff cafeteria, which has just undergone 3-week renovation. It has become very modern now, different from what we had previously. The photos shown below:

Renovated Cafeteria :)
And the Champion is.... ehemm... actually the Champions are.... Zone D and Zone E!!! Yeah!!!! There were two Champions since the judge couldn't decide who would be the one since both got equal points :)

Uhuy.... Congratulations for all!!! And today onwards we shall start using our new Cafeteria!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I vote zone A

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