Monday, July 15, 2013

My expression of happiness

Last Friday my friend sent me a link and he asked me to join the photo contest called "Happiness Photo Contest". You can find the details of the contest here.

So during weekend I was thinking what is my definition of happiness and what photo should I relate it to.

At first I tried to scribble down my perception about happiness.  I did lots of scratching here and there then putting on more words then to scratch it off again.  Still I couldn't decide. 

I tried to recall what photo should I post and whether it brought happiness feeling to those who read or look at it.

I thought of compiling some happy photos in one page but then the story would be quite selfish because I would only mention my own happiness, which I don't think others would feel the same.

I also thought of sending a smiling photo.  Because when you are happy, the smile would appear on your face naturally. But the photo that I thought of sending, does it refect the happiness of that person?? Is he really happy?? Will it bring happiness too those who see it?

Only until last night, when I browsed around my old picture, I saw this photo. Well, people say picture will say a lot and replace words. But here, I could feel the emotions in it.

My intention of joining this contest is not to win the prize (which is very appetizing - free trip to Bhutan for 2 pax), but it was for me to find out what is my expression for happiness :)

So, I decided to send this simple photo.  Not much graphic on it, only emotions of 9 years old boy (at that point of time), who loves his Mom, and expressing it in simple forms like what he showed in that photo.

And if you like it, you can support it by clicking 'vote this photo' in this link. Thank you very much!!! Na me sa me kadinche la!!! :) Have a great day to you!!! ^^


Sangay Cholden said...

happiness is like perfume. At least someone relating you will feel it!!

Overcome Life said...

Thank you for your words Sangay! How is your study going? How everything goes smoothly :) All the best!!!

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