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Bhutan Trip Day 15 - 7 July 2015 Namling Waterfalls, Rinchen Jugney and Dechenling Lhakhang at Shingkhar, and back to Bumthang :)

Mongar District, Bhutan

Our journey continued. From Mongar we traveled back to Bumthang. On the way there we passed by few places. Remember first day we came from Bumthang to Mongar? Read it here in case you missed or forgot the post :)

Cooking the dried maize on the giant pans - Mongar, Bhutan

Yeah, we passed by the village where maize was planted and taengma or kharang was sold and made on the roadside.

Mongar District, Bhutan

The view of the mountain during summer time in Bhutan never failed to mesmerize me :) It was all green. Light green, dark green, it was simply natural and beautiful!!!

Few waterfalls on the other side of the mountain - Approaching Namling, Bhutan

We stopped for our tea break and took few posts with various waterfalls on our background. It was beautiful, wasn't it?

Few tall waterfalls on our background - Approaching Namling, Bhutan

Most importantly, we were blessed with a very beautiful weather that afternoon. The fog and rain that we experienced before (when we went from Bumthang to Mongar) was all gone!!! Could you believe it??? :)

Beautiful waterfalls at Namling, Bhutan :)

Our jolly pictures :) at Namling Waterfall, Bhutan

We were sooo..... happy and grateful!!! :))) Otherwise we wouldn't be able to take such beautiful photos above and the memory was definitely priceless!!! ^^

Another beautiful waterfall at Namling, Bhutan

Summer time wild berries - Bhutan :)

After that, we sat back, relaxed, enjoyed the view outside our window, until we reached Shingkhar :) You can also do that now... :D

Beautiful greenery of Bhutan :)

I called it 'moustache tree' hehehe... - Bhutan :D

Beautiful view at Sengor, Bhutan

Sengor, Bhutan

My favorite varieties of pine trees in Bhutan :)

Beautiful mountain road - Bhutan

Great view for your lunch la!!! :) - Bhutan

Winding mountain road - enjoy it to the fullest!!! - Bhutan

Pine trees everywhere... Never get bored of it!!! :) - Bhutan

Foggy mountain - Bhutan

Simply beautiful!!! - Bhutan :)

Mysterious Bhutan :)

Among the fog - Bhutan

Beautiful Bhutan :)

I love Bhutan :)

Ohhh... let me tell you... the view there was so beautiful!!! Hours of journey like this had feed my thirst of nature! Soon after we entered into Ura Valley, Bumthang.

Entering Ura Valley, Bhutan

Prayer flags in Ura Valley, Bhutan

Beautiful Ura valley in Bhutan 

Ura Makrong Village - Bhutan

Beautiful Ura Valley - Bhutan

The view was just marvelous!!! Ura Valley, Bhutan

8 km from the main road, you could find the traditional village of Shingkhar.

Colorful prayer flags - Reaching Shingkhar, Bhutan

Flying prayer flags - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Farmer's Storage House - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Rinchen Jugney Lhakhang up in hill - Shingkhar, Bhutan

We went up to the Lhakhang on top of the hill, called Drokri Rinchen Jugney Lhakhang. It was established by Nyingmapa master Longchen Rabjampa (1308-1364).

Rinchen Jugney Lhakhang from the outside - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Painting the entrance of the Rinchen Jugney Lhakhang - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Longchenpa statue inside the Rinchen Jugney Lhakhang - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Under construction - Rinchen Jugney Lhakhang from the inside - Shingkhar, Bhutan

It was under construction when we reached there but the statue of Longchenpa remained. It didn't deter us from praying and circumambulating the temple. After that we went down to Shingkhar Dechenling Lhakhang. It was located in the central of the village and it was also founded by Longchen Rabjampa.

Shingkhar Dechenling Lhakhang - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Entrance to Dechenling Lhakhang - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Wall mural in front of Dechenling Lhakhang - Shingkhar, Bhutan

Once entered into the main temple, you would see three gonkhang (chapels for the protective deities) on the left. While on the right, there would be an altar with the main statues - Buddhas of the Three Times (past, present, future) - and the paintings represent the tertons (great discoveres of religious treasure) surrounding the Guru Rinpoche, as well as the three fundamental teaching cycles of the Nyingmapa school and a beautiful depiction of Guru Rinpoche's paradise - the Zangto Pelri. 

During the restoration of the temple in year 2000, they found a stone seat and it was considered to be the throne of Longchen Rabjam. A clay statue of the 14th century master was built over the throne . When we visited, the caretaker told us that they found the Pema Lingpa's hidden treasure in the middle of the temple, which was butter lamp, and now was stored there too.

This temple was looked after by the lineage holder family and lay practitioners (gomchens). It also served as temple for the Shingkhar community. (Detailed info source:

Evening tea break at Arya Zamlha Hotel and Bar - Bumthang, Bhutan

Before continued our journey, we stopped for a tea break at the above store. At the same time, Luzee bought some tea leaves and buckwheat flour there. Later on we went all the way back to Neela and Devi's house. We stayed there for a night and had our dinner there. Thank you SB for the beautiful weather, safe and timely journey, also the good karma to visit the two Lhakhang in Shingkhar!!! It's been a wonderful journey and the magnificent road along our journey was indeed a blessing!!! Bhutan was lucky to have such beautiful natures :) Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

PS: Dear readers, hope you enjoy all the photos above and be amazed with what Bhutan could offer you with :)


Flora said...

Awesome charo! What a Beautiful collection of photos from Bhutan, no doubt u are such a terrific photographer besides being marbulouse writer👍 of course I am really enjoying every pieces!

Tashi Chenzom said...

Amazing pictures!!! Great that u enjoyed ur stay in Bhutan!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Charo! I'm not that good in photography la, just like to take beautiful pictures :) Glad that you enjoyed it! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tashi! I did enjoy my stay especially with such beautiful view almost everyday! ^^

Kipchu Kipchu said...

Totally enjoyed your photos. It reminded me of the times when i used to climb the road above Phuntsholing after a year's stay in India. It's like; the mountain tops are just at a breathe away and the clouds are at our hands reach, kind of moment. "Never tired of the greenery," that's exactly true. Beautiful post!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Nuchu :) Btw I still don't know where to climb the road above Phuentsholing that you mentioned about. Is it the motorist road that we have to pass by whenever going there?

sancha rai said...

Thanks for advertising Bhutan online for so much ...keep going and keep liking Bhutan if not its people...huh

Kipchu Kipchu said...

Yes la. The motor road from Phuntsholing - the highway to Thimphu la.

Rima Reyka said...

It's my pleasure Sancha! Thank you for dropping by la! :)

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