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Bhutan Trip Day 16 - 8 July 2015 Bumthang - Bumthang to Bajo Town - Wangdue Phodrang

Finally I had to bid goodbye to Neela, Devi, Shrishtika, and Bumthang. I shook Neela's hand firmly and hugged Devi tightly. I was very emotional and sad to leave them again. This time, not knowing when and where would we ever meet again. I really thanked both of them for their hospitality, love and care they had given to me during my stay there, also for allowing us (with Luzee, Drugyal, and Lilly) to stay at her house in between our journey twice. My deep heartfelt gratitude for all of them. May Buddha bless all of them with good health and lots of happiness in the family! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! :)

Bye bye Bumthang :(

Busy morning for villagers - Bumthang, Bhutan

Beautiful horses :) - Bumthang, Bhutan

I was looking out through the car's window, enjoying the beautiful Bumthang view for the last time. I had gained lots of beautiful memories out of this place. It took a special place in my heart since two years ago when I first visited the place. All had become memories now, beautiful memory that filled my heart with so much gratitude and happiness. Beside me, Luzee was murmuring her prayers, wishing the above to grant us with safe journey...

Village's life - Bumthang, Bhutan

Bhutanese house and truck - Bumthang, Bhutan

My favorite view in Bhutan - Various pine trees!! :)

Ta Dzong and Trongsa Dzong from afar - Approaching Trongsa!

Side view of Ta Dzong and Trongsa Dzong :)

Selling local home made products such as curd, butter, and cheese on the roadside - Bhutan

Young boy selling cheese on the roadside :)

It was common to see Bhutanese selling their local homemade products on the roadside. Curd, butter, and cheese were the common one after we passed by Trongsa. Even kids were there helping up their parents or grandparents. My friend, Luzee, was full of compassion and a very kind-hearted woman. To me, she said that she bought them for her parents as they loved eating products that came from places outside Thimphu - fresh and village's taste.

But actually, her true intention was to make the seller happy by buying their products, sometimes, even when she didn't actually need it. She told me that she used to finish every single cent of her money just to buy things from the roadside seller. And sometimes too, she would just pass few Ngultrum when she saw a cute baby or kid on the road. That's what happiness for her :) Well done dear and keep up your good habits!!! :)

Lunch at Chendebji Chorten, Bhutan

We had our lunch at Chendebji (Buddha's eye) Chorten carpark. Weren't we having our packed lunch in style? Just behind the car right on the floor? :) Life was really simple there. Unlike here (Singapore), you would think of bringing any mat, finding clean and safe place with beautiful view, etc. Here, nobody bothered where you wanted to eat your packed lunch. It's just part of their daily activity. The food was simple too. Rice and two dishes. Since Luzee and Lilly were vegetarian, we had to follow their menu too, plus a flask of coffee or tea :) After lunch, we circumambulated the Chorten and continued our journey.

On our way to Wangdue Phodrang - Bhutan

Beautiful scenery - Bhutan :)

Chorten in the middle of the greenery - On our way to Wangdue, Bhutan

Prayer flags - Bhutan

Greenery - Bhutan

More greenery :) - Bhutan

Road block - Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan

Waiting... waiting... road block... Bhutan :)

We had to stop due to the road block. Luckily it didn't take us so much time to wait. I think we had to wait less than an hour. After the road block, guess what happened? We were very lucky to see the rainbow!!! And it wasn't only one, but two!!! :))))

Rainbow... Double rainbow!!! On our way to Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan :)))

Double rainbow!!! Lucky us!!!

My first time looking at double rainbow and it's at Bhutan! I'm blessed!!! :)

Lilly and I couldn't stop shouting excitingly at the double rainbow. Wangdi had to stop the car and let us taking photo with it. It was such a rare opportunity for us to see that! Indeed, we were blessed!!! It was my first time finding and looking at double rainbow in my whole entire life and I felt very very very lucky!!! Happiness overloaded!!! :)))

Reaching Wangdue, Bhutan

Reaching Bajo Town - Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan

So here we were!!! Reaching Bajo town and we straightly went to Dawa's house. We reached there at about 5 pm. He had agreed to let me stay at his place for a night, even rent a room opposite to his apartment. But since it was overcrowded there, I felt safe to stay within his apartment. So I told him to let me stay within his apartment and he had kindly let me occupying his room while he was sleeping in another room. Thank you Dawa!!! :)

Knight's Corner - Bajo Book Club - Bajo Town, Bhutan

Dadadada..... Here we were!! In a Knight's corner, the Bajo Book Club, I used to see it on his blog only, and now I could see it in real!! I couldn't believe it!!! :) I could even finally see his sketches there pasted on the wall. Three of them were my pictures hehehe.... I'd never dreamed of going to this place but I did!!! :D

Small blogger meetings at Bajo Town :)

Dawa was busy preparing dinner in his kitchen. Kipchu and Au Lingi came for the dinner too. We had Druk 11000 with chang pa (ordered from the restaurant downstairs) and chit chatted about many things. Dawa was trying to read Au Lingi and my personalities based on our signatures, ahem!! :D Later on, Kipchu and Au Lingi went back. I continued chatting with Dawa until quite late. There, I got to know more about him. Thank you Dawa for sharing and I really had great time talking with you. So, we took a rest and recharged our energy for the next day. The journey continued...


Janvier said...

I also was mesmerized by the natural scenery in Bhutan. It is amazing to see double rainbow over You :).

Luzee said...

I am honored with your felicitation. Thanks.

As you see, happiness really comes for all these little things and we had all the fortune of the moments!

Been following your posts and the pictures. Good memories we created!

Kipchu Kipchu said...

Not everyone; except for those who can grasp the beauty of accept-ion and gratitude enjoys the simplicity of life in Bhutan, that you have mentioned above la. We learn a lot from your blog.

Tashi Chenzom said...

The rainbow as u mentioned was beautiful to see. N all the scenarios u have shared are so much refreshing and green. It just makes me miss my country. Thank u mam Rima

Rima Reyka said...

Yeah, I also couldn't believe what I saw there!!! My heart jumped excitingly upon seeing the double rainbow ^^ So next time when you travel to Bhutan again, don't forget to visit eastern side. It offers lots of natural beauties there! ;) Thank you for visiting Lan Dang! Have a nice day! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

You deserved it dear Luzee :) Thank you for going through my posts! That what remained once our journey was over. Unforgettable memory that we both ever had in this life journey! Thank you for all things that you had done to make our journey realized and we all enjoyed it to the fullest! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you la Kipchu! It's never too late for you to realize it! Some more it's part of your daily life there. The more you should treasure :)

Rima Reyka said...

It was beautiful la Tashi! Thank you for going through it la! I hope it didn't make you sad and homesick ^^ Take care! :)

Tashi Chenzom said...

M not sad at all infact I am very happy that someone from outside Bhutan has described my tiny nation so beautifully both in words and pictures. This blog of yours made me remember a lot of things in Bhutan and so I should be very thankful to u mam. Take care too!!

Rima Reyka said...

It's my pleasure Tashi :)

Tashi Gyeltshen said...
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