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East Bhutan Trip Day 1 - 3 July 2015 Bumthang to Mongar

Started our day with visiting Kurjey Lhakhang - Bumthang, Bhutan

Good morning!!! We started another new day! Our first destination was to visit Kurjey Lhakhang. It would be a good start for all of us to send our gratitude for our togetherness in this trip to east of Bhutan. May Buddha blessed us with safety, protection, and good health throughout our journey :)

Visit to Geog Administration Chhoekhor - Bumthang, Bhutan

For your information, this trip was semi-official trip for Luzee. She had to visit geog administration offices and community center in east part of Bhutan. We just followed her arrangement and enjoyed the view surrounding and had great photo session using our cameras while she was interviewing the staff there. This what was called "kill two birds with one stone" :) The above was our first visit to Geog Administration Chhoekhor in Bumthang.

Peace of mind at Jambay Lhakhang - Bumthang, Bhutan

Since we departed early, we still had some time to visit Jambay Lhakhang. I felt incomplete whenever I visited only Kurjey or Jambay Lhakhang but not both. Luckily I was given a chance to visit this sacred temple, one of the oldest temple built in Bhutan. I felt that amazing feeling when visiting those old Lhakhangs :) Thank you SB for the good karma! It's my second visit there but this time, without finding Changa and Chudu inside :)

Blissful feeling at Mebar Tsho or Burning Lake - Bumthang, Bhutan

Before leaving Bumthang, we visited Mebar Tsho. That morning, the weather was extremely beautiful!!! It was my first time going down to see the Burning Lake from near. Usually it was wet and slippery. Felt so blessed with everything there!!! :)

Our tea break with Ura Valley in background :)

The journey continued. Wangdi chose the short cut way to reach Ura. This way, we saved an hour time to reach there. But the road was narrow and bumpy. We moved our butt all along the way but it was fun though hehe... We stopped for tea break looking at the Ura Valley from afar.

Beautiful view along the Bumthang-Ura Highway - Bhutan

Beautiful view along the Bumthang-Ura Highway - Bhutan

From our tea break stop onward, we passed through the Thrumshingla National Park, then drove through the Bumthang-Ura Highway. Yalama!!! The view of the trees there, it mesmerized me!!! I couldn't stop looking outside the car window and wish to record all that view inside my memory and never to forget. I share with you some of the pictures here and let me know if you agree :)

Loved the trees so so so much!!!! I love Bhutan!!!

The fog, the trees, the shape and sizes, all combined together and made it perfect! Bumthang-Ura Highway - Bhutan

After that the sunny weather was slowly changed into drizzling rain and foggy. It made me sleepy. When I woke up, we were on the very narrow and winding road. The fog had become very thick. We could hardly watch the view in front of us. It was all surrounded by the white fogs. Everyone was awoken by then and quiet, and worried, and panic, and recite prayer inside the heart. Wangdi was confidently telling us not to worry, that he could see and move on. The rain was still pouring. We passed by few tall waterfalls but no way to stop but Drugyal told us that we would stop when returning back, when the weather was much better. By then, the road was still dangerously foggy.

In such situation, I was asking myself, "Why should I worry? Why don't I let the tension out and put my trust on the driver? If he could confidently drive, then nothing will happen to us. No matter how worry I am, I am not in control of the vehicle." And I too, recited prayer inside my heart, wish that we could pass this road safe and in once piece. At the same time, next to me, Luzee was murmuring her prayers, and it made me feeling so much better.

Entering Mongar District - Bhutan

After some time, we finally saw the clearer weather and our car slowly entered Mongar District - the place where maize was produced, dried, processed, and sold on the road side. We could see many huts where people stir their maize onto the giant pan. See the photo below :)

Removing the kernels from the dried corns - Mongar District, Bhutan

Drying it under the sun - Mongar District, Bhutan

Stirring the maize using giant pan - Mongar District, Bhutan

And finally selling it on the roadside - Mongar District, Bhutan

And here was one of the major buyers :P

Maize were one of the major crops cultivated in Bhutan, apart from rice. Taeng-ma or kharang was the term used for the dried bitten maize. It's sold 1 kg per packet. Usually people eat it as accompany for their tea during tea break. It's part of their culture.

Mongar Town - Bhutan

At 5 pm we entered in Mongar town. We were looking for the place where we would stay for a night. It's at Luzee's friend's house whom was away at that moment. So we stayed in her empty house but we had our dinner in another place and before that we went shopping for some stuffs in town area.

Mongar town - Bhutan

One of the items sold inside the shop - To shoo the other animals or most probably to shoo the person away from the field :D

Once done, we headed to Sithar (Lily's uncle) and Pema (his roommate)'s place for dinner. As usual, it was started with chang pa served with local brew ara or juices :)

Dinner at Sithar and Pema place :)

Sithar was the cook and he was a good cook. He cooked his niece favorite's dish - potato!!! The chicken curry was delicious too. We ate until so full then went back to MHSS - where we stayed - to have a rest and recharge our energy for our next day's trip!!! Hope you enjoyed following the trip la :)

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