Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Way back to follow my passion (Part 1)

Singapore - In times of Covid-19

It has been 1.5 months since the last time I posted my blog post. Covid-19 is still around all over the world, including here in Singapore. Travelling abroad for leisure purposes is still not possible yet. Until when? Nobody knows.

Due to this pandemic many people have lost their jobs. Many shops and food stalls are seen closing down for good. Travel agents do not open for business for more than half a year now. Many hotels are quiet like ghost-infected buildings.  My heart is very sad when passing by those places.

Fortunately things still go well with my family members; all are in good health (thank Buddha), and at least everyone still holds their jobs safely.

3 Hobbies you need (Pic source:

My days were filled with so much unproductive things, mostly at home. I had watched over 15 series of mostly Korean dramas (with an average of 16 episodes per each series) and 50 over movies for the period of five and a half months. Crazy, weren't I? 

Cooking and trying to whip up new dishes were other activities I loved doing for my family at home. Walking, cycling, and hiking once in a while were done to keep myself fit, active, and healthy.

Cycling in the evening and watching sunset (Punggol Waterway - Singapore)

The future of Covid-free life is still far unknown. At least, it is controlled well with less cases within the community. 

Being tired of spending time unproductively, I thought of doing something - that according to my passion, and at the same time, could earn some income. Anyway, I can not travel to anywhere until at least next year when vaccine has been found and given to most people all around the world.

To find the real job is kinda challenging at this point of time, although Singaporean and PR would be given priorities to the job vacancy. And for company that hire them, it would be given the subsidy of their employees' monthly salary by the Singapore government.

"For eligible employees under the age of 40, the subsidy will be 20% of the monthly salary of those employees for 6 months, capped at S$6,000 in aggregate. For eligible employees who are 40 and over, the subsidy will be 40% of the monthly salary of those employees for 6 months, capped at S$12,000 in aggregate."

(Source: - May 28, 2020)

Office job will be less tired physically, but can give lots of stress mentally. Higher pay or not will depend on the type of job because these days, many company try to cut their labor cost as much as they can by employing lesser staffs. Therefore, 1 person may have to do 2 or more people's job (bad times or less business quantity will be the usual reasons given).

Usually office workers will get their days off on weekends. However, after staying at home for some time, I realize that weekends are never good times to go out as too many people will also be going to the same places - to shop, exercise, dine, etc. I will rather stay at home and have a peaceful days off during weekdays.

Power of passion (Pic source:

I wanted to find something that I like doing (my passion) at this period of time. I had been through few types of jobs before and I knew well what I liked doing and what I did not like. Of course, there were many pros and contras regarding the thing that I wanted to do.

Physical job would be more tiring but depending on the nature of the job. I preferred doing a low-rank job where I would use my brain only when I work, but not after working time is over - no need to headache to plan about tomorrow, next week, and so on.

Full time job would give me less freedom (Monday to Friday or Saturday job is quite dull, wasn't it?) There were more crowd too during office hours - when taking public transport and having lunch.

Part time job would give me more freedom (as I could choose which day I want to work, which day I want to rest), although the pay that I might get would be much lesser (price for freedom).

And most importantly, when you do something according to your passion, you will not feel that you do it as a job or is solely done painstakingly only to earn money. Of course at the end of the day, money is still the motivator or the drive for getting the job. It is just how our mind set it in separately. 

When working with money as the main motivator, no matter how horrible the job is, people will stay put at the job only because the money is rewarding or attractive enough (even when the job scopes are suck, colleagues are crap, and workload is crazy). 

However, life is too short to be filled with unhappy things in life. And I want to do something I love doing this time.

Therefore, one day, I finally decided to do the part time job, and it is where my son works.

The post to be continued :)



Good luck! Passion is what keeps us alive and moving!

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Tshewang!!! Appreciate your wish so much! Hope you and family are doing great! :)

WTK said...


At times, a low rank job might involve more time than a high rank job. It depends on the work nature.


Overcome Life said...

What I mean here is low rank job no need to think about managing people, planning their schedule, their tasks, and so on. Appreciate your comment though :)

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