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Bhutan trip day 3 - Sat, 7 Sep 13 in Thimphu

After few days in Bhutan, finally I could have a long and good sleep. Before reaching Thimphu, I was so busy working as I wanted to finish my work before taking a long leave. I didn't have enough sleep too as the flight was so early in the morning, also due to time difference between Singapore and Bhutan. Therefore, I was so happy that I finally had 8 hours sleep at Tashi's house hehe... They didn't disturb my sleeping too... Kadinchela :)

I was even happier after knowing that Tashi and his wife had prepare a breakfast for me. Yay!!!

Breakfast prepared by Tashi and Dechen :)
I loved the toast heated with butter. It was so crunchy and smell nice... Nyummy!!! I ate three or four slices of bread, couldn't really remember hahaha... He had lots of potatoes given by his Mom from Bumthang and he made some spicy potato chips with it. He fried sunny egg too and we ate together with the beef leftover from last night's dinner, plus sambal chilli and sweet soya sauce from Indonesia. It tasted even better hahahaha... (Indonesian couldn't leave their country without these two ingredients :D). Oh, with a coffee with milk too to complete my sumptuous breakfast. I was so full with all that food, and happy :)

Tashi was asking me to cook some Indonesian food. To be honest, I am not a good cook. I only know how to cook simple dish, and the only thing that came out from my mind was... Indonesian fried rice! Hahaha... Since they had leftover rice from last night's dinner, I decided to cook it for them. Tashi ate it right away and he packed it in plastic container and brought it to his office for lunch, I think, or otherwise might be given to his colleague.

In the afternoon, I went to Centenary Farmers Market or called weekend market in Thimphu with Karma, his daughter, Chimi, and his sister. They went there to buy vegetables and fruits. I followed them around and took some photos. In fruit stall, the owner gave me an apple :) so happy!

View inside the vegetable and fruit sections of weekend market in Thimphu
After that we went to buy groceries in one of the shops in Changangkha then went to Karma's house. He just moved in to his rented house for about three months. From there, we could view the Changangkha Lhakhang.

View of Changangkha Lhakhang from Karma's house :)
Since it was nearby his house, I paid a visit to the temple again. This time, Chimi accompanied me there. We bought some incense sticks and butter to light the lamp inside the temple and passed it to the monk there. This time, I went to throw the three dices. It came out with numbers and the monk said, it meant good. Hehe.. We then went out happily again :)

In front of the Changangkha Lhakhang
Karma went to get some massage on his injured hand. I stopped outside the Dept of Youth and Sport. From there I thought of waiting for Riku who was coming back from Nepal that day, but later on I found out that the flight was delayed. Therefore, I tried to find my way back to Motithang, and this time, on foot.

Riku told me that he loved to walk. Personally, I love to walk too. It's a much better exercise than running. Hahaha... I had no energy to run la!! He always said that he walked from home to his office and vice versa everyday. Well, I was quite new to the place and had a little knowledge on how to walk from his office to his house. But, afraid not. You could always ask to anyone anywhere in Bhutan!!! Like Indonesian verse said, "Malu bertanya, sesat di jalan,"which means, "If you are too shy to ask, you will get lost on your way." After all, most Bhutanese were so friendly and helpful.

First, I was asking the way to get to the short cut. Second, the other guy showed the way by walking together with me as he was also on the same way there. We had a small chit chat and got to know that his name was Yeshey.
Me and Yeshey
We separated right where we took this photo. Who knows one day he read my blog and found his photo here. Hahahahaha.....

I finally reached Riku's house. Due to the flight delay, I waited there for quite some time. I took this chance to chit chat with his youngest sister, Lachhe. I asked her if she remembered when she was small she ever asked her brother to buy baloon  but he bought a gun instead. Read the full story here. She shook her head and said she couldn't remember. I also asked her if she knew that her brother was a very good writer, one of the famous blogger in Bhutan. Again, she shook her head. So I opened her brother's blog on my hand phone and showed it to her the post that he wrote about her.

She read it slowly and was smiling while reading it. After finished reading, again she told me that she couldn't remember it as it happened long time ago, which was 20 years ago. Wow... However, I was happy that I could share his story to her and to let her know how much her brother loved her :)

My stomach was hungry and Riku hadn't arrived yet. I asked her if she wanted to have momo and we went to nearby shop to have cheese momo there and a cup of hot coffee for her and ginger water for me.

At 7.30 pm, finally I met Riku but I didn't stay long as Karma had asked me to go for dinner at his cousin's place, who just opened a small restaurant. I had my dinner there together with his friends. We had Bhutanese food. It was nice :) He fetched me back home for rest as the next day we planned to go to Taktsang Monastery at Paro.

However, once reached Tashi's house, there were few people there and they just started drinking. Just nice I bought Bhutan Highland from the groceries shop that afternoon. So, some were drinking Druk 11000 and I had Bhutan Highland mixed with coke.

We had a nice chat that night and I was amazed with Tashi's cousin, a monk, who was also drinking the same drink with me. Hahaha... I took his photo as memory :) and asked him if I could post it on my Facebook hahaha... Other than that, he fixed his eyes on his hand phone almost all the time, perhaps he was Facebook-ing too.. Lolx!!!

After taking a bath and few glasses of whiskey, I had a great night sleep again. I guessed I was staying in a right country, a GNH country... zzz... zzz.....

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