Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family that matters

Early this month, not long after I returned back from Bhutan, my two sisters, her two kids, my Mom, and many of my relatives came from Indonesia. Their main purpose was to attend my cousin's wedding, which fell on 6th October.

My cousin was born in Beijing, grew up in Hong Kong, studied in Australia, worked and settled down in Singapore. He was much older then me and since last year he had been busy looking for his other half. He even went to Indonesia few times to get to know with some women. However, he finally found someone here, who had Chinese nationality, origin from Beijing, but now staying in Singapore. He was match-made by one Auntie and successfully being together. It was quite fast until they decided to get married.All of us were happy for both of them :)

Cousin's Wedding @Carlton Hotel - 6th October 2013
The night before, we had a gathering dinner at Ellenborough Market Cafe. We had a mixed of Peranakan and International buffet. There were 20 of us sitting on two separate tables. Older and younger generations sat separately hahaha...

Family gathering dinner @Ellenborough Market Cafe - 5th October 2013
On 10th October, we met again for dinner. This time was to celebrate my nephew's birthday, who was the eldest grandchildren of my parents. He was 17th years old this year. Wow!!! Time flies.... I still could recall how chubby he looked when he was very young. Now he has grown maturely and handsome!!!

Celebrating Astro's 17th years old Birthday @Tony Romas, Orchard
We ate at Tony Romas. This place was famous for its Baby Pork Ribs. Nyummy... so soft and tender, yet very tasty!! My Mom loved eating here. Oh, btw, the birthday cake picture was designed by my niece (his sister). She drew it manually by looking at the sample of the picture and sent it to cake show so that they could print the cake layer accordingly. It was taken from his favorite game, which I forgot the name :P

My two sisters and I gave him a watch as a present and my eldest sister wrapped the gift in many layers of newspaper and plastic bag to make him difficult in opening it, so that he couldn't forget that memory in his life... hahaha...

The day after that, we went for dinner again because my Mom and aunts would leave on Saturday. This time we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa Island. It was an American dining food experience. We ate until very full.

Family dinner gathering at Hard Rock Cafe, Sentosa Island
Ohhh... All of us have gotten fatter these days after series of many sumptuous gathering dinner together. And it wasn't stopped there as we just had steamboat on Sunday night (read my last blog post here). Hahaha....

On Saturday, I went to Singapore Zoo together with my two sisters, her kids, my brother and his daughter, and my son. We went from morning until evening time.

Having great time with families at Singapore Zoo
Although it's tiring, but we were happy to see how children enjoying their time there. My third sis and her two sons came all the way from Australia and she hadn't come here again since six years ago. She used to work and stay here until her husband got the PR in Australia and decided to move and settle down there. So, her purpose here, other than eating Singapore food and meeting us, she wanted her son to enjoy and be happy!! How great Mom she is!! Unlike me, who always traveled alone, most of the time :P

My eldest sister came from Indonesia to accompany her and help her taking care her two children. It wasn't easy to take care two young children. One was 4 years old, while another one was almost 7-months old. Her elder son was so friendly and didn't scare of people. He greeted everyone that he met in the restaurant and in playground. He was high-five and shaking his hand with the waiter/waitress before leaving the restaurant. He was so talkative and cute. But when he didn't see his Mom around, he would scream like monster... hahaha... I was shocked by his crying on the first day he arrived in Singapore.

My 3rd sis and her elder son @Jurong Bird Park
The little baby was so cute. His eyes were so big. He loved to be carried all the time. He didn't scare of people too. But he didn't like to just sit still alone, that's the weakness, so that everyone had to take turn carrying him. He was in the stage of learning how to crawl now. So cute!! They stayed at my house for two nights during weekend and I had chance to play with him.

Cute baby :)

I just came back from meeting my two sisters. We had a coffee and chit chat about things that happened surrounds us, family matters, etc. Usually we only chatted using What's App from our own country where we live. So, while we had chance of being together, it's better to spare time to have "real" chat together.

Both my sisters looked very tired taking care these two boys. However, both didn't give up in making their holiday memorable and happy.

Tomorrow they will go to Universal Studio and the day after tomorrow they will continue going to Legoland in Johor Baru, Malaysia. Their ultimate reason, to bring the elder son play and be happy. Hopefully when the elder one grows up, he would have a chance to read my blog and understand how his Mom and Godmother love him so much, wants him to be happy despite being tired taking care him and his brother :)

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