Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Looking back at 2019

Myself being myself - Virginia Woolf

Wow!!! Another year had gone by!!! It passed like a lightning and yet, it added not only number to the age. 

Year 2019 was different from many other years I had been through. It was a year of realization, a maturity process (perhaps age and experience had also played a part in it), and it had brought many changes for the thinking and behaviours from inside me. 

There were not always changes for the better or worse, and right or wrong, but changes for what I deemed important to attain the empty space and inner peace.

It was no longer the more the merrier or the more the better. I had become more selective on who could be, what should be, and where to be - to be inside the part of my life journey, and to treasure those who chose to stay and treasure me back.

Needless to say, the circle had automatically gotten smaller and me too, became much quieter. Despite those, I never lost any piece of me. I still lived my life to the fullest, one day at a time, with people whom I loved and loved me; still being my own self, doing things I loved doing, ignoring the voices that judging me of what I should do or not do from their eyes. Who cares?

Thank you for another wonderful year 2019 (IG: rimareyka.writes)

2019 was another most travelling year for me too. At least once a month, and many times to many different places at one time and visited many new places I had never been before.

It was my first time arranging cruise plus free and easy trip for the family to faraway places (different countries with different languages, first time visit, etc.) It was challenging but rewarding when everything went as per planned (and we were all blessed with good health, safety, and smooth journey). Thanks to so many reviews from Google maps, websites, blogs, and so on! :)

I visited many new places in China too and made me wanting to travel there even more in the future. Even Indonesia! Many beautiful nature could be found there. There would be no longer repetitive places with no specific reasons to go. Life was too short not to travel to many of my dream places :D

And of course, health! Thank you for the good health we had in 2019 and yes I knew well, nothing stayed permanent. And thing had already changed with so much weight I had gained from all the good food I took and received from those travelling. Weather and my time spent on reading forced me to stay more inside house, resulting in lack of exercise. 

I was blessed with makan kaki too where I could have almost weekly Mala and Tsing Dao session from Chinatown!! Lol!! Blessing or just excuse for enjoying life? In any case, I love the food, the feeling, and the accompanies!!!

Get ready everyone!! No one says it will be easy, but it will be worth it!!! (IG: Rimareyka.writes)

Well, 2020 is like a blank paper in front of me now. Only one dash point I could see for now, while the rest I leave it still blank and let nature takes its course. But I predict that I would stay more on the ground, spend more time on readings, practise meditation (I hope), and be more aware of my doing. 

So, with the end of 2019, another chapter had closed and a new page is there, ready for us to fill up.  I have gotten my diary ready, and wish everything goes well to everyone, as well as to the world where we live in. 

Same world, same time, but many different things are happening. Wish for the best to come and wish everyone a wonderful year ahead!!! :)


Liana - Yi Zhen said...

Happy Nee Year!

Overcome Life said...

Happy New Year dearest sis!!! :)

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