Saturday, January 18, 2020

The pain

Joint pain (Pic source:

I still remembered it was started on my first day. It had been so long I had not done any work and it was inevitable that the back of my right shoulder and the left side of my back were terribly pain for the whole night. The Japanese koyo (medicated plaster) that I bought from my trip recently was made in a very good use. Two patches were pasted on the different parts of my skin and it worked really effectively. The pain was gone the next morning, like a miracle!!!

Few days after I had no problem at all. It seemed that my body had adjusted to the rhythm and the movement. Even before my period came, my body seemed so energetic. I could do so much work in a day within short period of time, and nothing happened. I heard complains from every one else about how pain their knees were from the long standing. But they were all in their sixties and above, not young chap like me. So, inevitable right?

Until about two weeks later, I felt my left ankle swollen for no reason. Well, there might be a reason - standing up too long - but it would not make sense. I mean, I had no complain when walking a lot usually. But swollen ankle and I had to walk limping was quite a bad sign. Not only that. My back shoulder and near butt part were paining too!!! OMG!

That night my dear was kindheartedly rubbing the muscle pain reliever cream onto all affected parts of my body. Earlier, I too rubbed the Chinese medicated ointment that claimed able to reduce swollen into the ankle. Miraculously, those efforts done last night, plus love and hearts put onto it, able to make the pain disappeared!!! Wow!!! The next morning, I would be able to walk like nothing ever happened!!!

Enough sleep and rest helped the process of the recovery too!!!

Then, the week after that. The pain came almost every day in different parts of my body.

One day, it attacked the back part of my left foot. Another day, the pain attacked my whole neck area. The next day, it numbed my right hand - a bit swollen - looked like water retention, but soon reduced when afternoon came. The other day it attacked my left wrist. After that my upper part of right arms. Then left upper arms. It just came and went non-stop, testing my patience and endurance.

The past few days it attacked my left knees. When I squatted down, the pain was there and it made me wanting to cry. One time I felt like just staying at home and doing nothing but taking a rest. But the pain would go after it gave me enough pain, disappeared miraculously, just like that.

Another time, I had to take the painkiller to remove the pain.

I had the urine and blood check up. Just nice, the check-up time arrived. A week later, the doctor told me the result was fine. Nothing was there to worry about. She said, it was normal to feel the pain. If unbearable, take the painkiller. What an advise!!!

I was still considered young and not reaching retirement age yet. However, my body was worse than people in those ages. I was wondering if I did not have this SLE, would I still experience all these pain??? Or would I feel nothing and lived normally, as if nothing happened and sleep would remove my tiredness and that was it???

The pain could be unbearable sometimes. Like I could not even dry my back part of my body with towel when my upper arms were in pain. And it made me thinking, that one day, I might have to live with a support of other people's help - instead of independently taking care of my self. I could not imagine for that day to come. If I was lucky enough, I would have had enough money to put myself inside the nursing home, where there would be other people able to take care of me, even for doing such simple daily activity. Haizzz.... Of course, I did not want this to happen.

And I knew, no matter how much I did to prevent this to happen, it would still happen anyway. Because it was not under my control - where, when, how it would happen. I could only tell myself, that this pain was only temporary. It was there to rinse my bad karma away, to let me feeling the pain from all bad deeds I did from the past actions. Nothing lasted forever anyway and things would change all the time. So, just let it come, and let it go, everything would gonna be alright.


Tashi Chenzom said...

There are so many things that aren't under our control and it's our choice to let it go. You know it already. Thinking of it again and again really breaks our heart.
Take care la. And as you always say fighting!!

Overcome Life said...

Imbay la. So do not get defeated and give life up. Enjoy the process - of pain, and growing our strength up. Take care too!!! :)

Liana - Yi Zhen said...

It is me.. called ageing...

Overcome Life said...

Ageing and overweight?? Haha... Same same dong :P

Flora said...

Hope you feels better by now. Take care

Overcome Life said...

Yes Charo, the pain has all gone. It was temporary only la. Thank you. Hope you are doing great la and in good health :)

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