Thursday, May 16, 2024

What I was made for?

Beauty of aging

All had changed
Hair dropped
But white ones appeared
Wrinkles on the forehead too, some below the eyes
Freckles on the face, nothing to say
Saggy cheeks, steroid effects? Damn it!

Slow metabolism, harder to lose weight
Even plain water made me fat
And reading glasses, it was almost for everyone
Weak knees, stairs were harder to climb
And if you think physical changes were worst,
Wait until the mentally changes haunted you
I was talking about ladies here
“M” word
Not that bloody “M”
It was the opposite
Yes, that “M”
Hot flushes
Sleep problems
Energy low – blamed it to the hormones!!!
Moody – always moody L
One day
If you live long enough
You too will experience it
'Cause I, 'cause I
I don't know how to feel
But I wanna try
I don't know how to feel
But someday I might
Someday I might
Think I forgot, how to be happy
Something I'm not, but something I can be
Something I wait for
Something I'm made for
Something I'm made for

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