Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Sunday :)

Below were photos taken this morning at Punggol Waterway. I woke up at 5 am and did my cycling.  I didn't see the usual 'Willpower Human' that I normally met on weekdays. Perhaps they were resting on Sunday hehehe... like what I always did ;P But today I had an urge to see the sunrise la 'cos on weekdays I wouldn't be able to wait until it rose as I need to prepare myself for work.

I saw lots of cyclists who were purposely going there to watch the beautiful sunrise, just like me :)

This morning the sun rose a bit late. I even thought that it couldn't be seen today.  I almost gave up and wanted to return back home. But suddenly I saw a round orange egg yolk appearing from afar. Wow!!!

I ran towards the middle of the bridge to capture its beauty full of excitement and then realized that I almost left my bike alone... hahaha... The sunrise was so captivating my heart and soul. I felt blessed!!! :)

I love to see sunrise because it holds an important lesson for us that we're reminded again and again to always treasure each moment and opportunity that passes by and comes into our lives. Time passes by and things changed so fast all the time. Once it passed by or missed, it would go forever and might never come back. No same moments repeating twice ever!

Today is a lovely day! It's a Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to my dear Father!!! :) I have wished him this morning and yesterday I even managed to buy him a Father's Day present. Hehehe... Perhaps this will be my first Father's Day gift to him.

He loves reading but no time to read. When I went to the book shop, I saw the books written by Master Hsing Yin, the monk from Taiwan, that I attended his talk before with my two best friends. There were 3 series of the book but it contains short stories in each book so he can read the story one by one (light one) and it holds lots of wisdom that might be useful for him to change his view about things in life.

My dear Baobei will go back home this week for holiday and attend my cousin's wedding. I ask him to pass it to him :) Hope he likes it :) Have a great Sunday everyone!!!


Riku said...

Beautiful sunset. Me loved it!

Overcome said...

Thanks Riku! Btw it's sunrise... hehehe.... Have a great day!

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