Friday, June 21, 2013

Be positive towards haze :)

Punggol at 7.30am - 21 June 2013
This morning the haze was really bad across Singapore. We could see and feel the difference. The haze gets worse each and every day. At 9am this morning the PSI was read at 256, but everyone felt it was at 400. The haze was so thick. Most buildings were surrounded by white smoke.

When we thought PSI 290 was the worst, end up it wasn't. In few hours it jumped to 321. When we thought 321 was the worst, again, it wasn't. The next day it jumped to 371, and so on. So we are used to it now and our mentality now is that the worst has yet to come. Hehe.... 

Clarke Quay at 8 am - 21 June 2013
From the news yesterday, Indonesia government was chiding Singapore for "behaving like a child". In Facebook, some of my Indonesian friends were also adding the unhappy comments about Singapore. Haha.. I felt sad when reading it but there was no point getting angry to them because right now they were not in our shoes. They didn't feel what we are facing now. So to overcome it, better don't take it to heart, always be positive, and hope that it will end soon. Remember the law of attraction? Positive feeling will attract positive outcomes and negative feeling will only attract negative outcomes? How many of us can practice it in real life??? :)

Btw we are now having hourly PSI reading instead of average 3 hour reading. And as 10am, the PSI is now at 367.

The PSI is now at 400 as at 11am. Please drink more water and keep yourself in good health. Most importantly be positive!!! Take care everyone!!!

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