Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a lovely Saturday, alone...

I love having me alone time. Reminding me of years ago when I used to study abroad. I'd usually had myself walk to study room on every weekend to read and write (school books apparently), practicing and preparing materials for upcoming exam. I would have chit chat during break time with some mainland students who went there with very little basic knowledge of English, at the same time practicing my unpolished Chinese language, acquired for just a year before heading there.

At night time, I'd usually brought my laptop to computer room. Those days Wi-fi wasn't available yet. We had to plug the Internet cable into our laptop. But at least, at that point of time, in 1998, I had a fate to own my first laptop compulsory requested by the school that introduced me with people out there that I never knew or meet before. Chatting online had become one of my daily leisure encounter after a long day studying at school. When it was time the room had to be closed, that was the time I should return back to my dormitory room.  Oh, such a lovely memory.

However, after a while I had a very good friend of mine, who pitied me on my life style.  Hahaha... He was the one who introduced me to many real people, to be exactly schoolmates, by inviting me along to many short term school vacation. He was also the one who invited me to his home party and bar-hoping parties afterward across the mountain and we would return back to our dormitory using the only availabile limousine Taxi in the mountain. Hahaha... I miss it so much!!!

Alright, let's go back to present time. I'm home now, alone.  My son will only come back from his vacation to my hometown tonight.  My hubby and sis-in-law are working. My mother-in-law went to her usual daily marketing and gathering with her old friends.

I plan to go nowhere. Just cope myself at home accompanied by the two books that I just bought last week. One of them had just been published not long time ago. I'll make sure I'll have a quiet and enjoyable time with them.  Oh so loving it! 

Rain had just stopped and left a cool breeze air flowing into my bedroom. And I just had a pack of fried beehoon noodle bought by hubby after he had his coffee time this morning before he headed to work and a full glass of mixed carrot and orange juice.

Remember to love yourself more as one of the ingredients to a fulfilled and happy life :) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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