Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It is wonderful to have friends like you

After finished my yoga session today, I headed to Chinatown to meet up my two school friends. We arranged it only this afternoon and decided to meet up today as we have already planned for other things for the rest of the week.

I reached late as the yoga ended slightly late too. Both of them had already been sitting there when I arrived. I immediately ordered the food while S ordered her own food. After some time we finally sat down and had our dinner together.

The portion was huge and both A and I tried our best to finish it. Later on, the next door shop was closed so we moved to another coffee shop table and started our conversation. This time, we were discussing 'The Law of Attraction' as what 'The Secrets' has taught us.

Three of us have read the book and some have even watched the movie before. So we have an idea what was it all about. Wow!!! Imagine if this thing happened months ago, when I still didn't have a habit of reading... I would be the lost stranger among them hehehe.... I'm so glad that we could connect together although our reading interest was slightly different. At least, we were connected in this topic.

Each of us started to tell story on how the law of attraction has brought impacts to our lives. S started it by mentioning her sister who managed to get the parking lot in a very crowded and famous shopping mall in Jakarta during lunch time, some more it was 'ladies special' parking lot. Before entering the car park, her sister had visualized and said it many times that she was going to get it!!!

Then our dear friend, A, couldn't hold her excitement about what she encountered. She immediately shared what she felt when she won 1st Dinner & Dance's prize 3 years ago, which was an iPad. At that time, iPad was something that everyone wished to have. A said, when they announced the winner, she was saying it loud in her heart repeatedly, imagining that she would own it, and wished it very badly that the iPad would be hers.

And guessed what??? Her wish was really coming true!!! S who heard about it, immediately said, 'A, I think you weren't the only person who wished that at that point of time. I think everyone in the room was wishing that too and showed their 'mupeng' (in Indonesian), which means desperate face of wanting something badly!!!'

A then realized, 'Ya hor...!', and so did I! Huahahahaha.... Lolx!!! We then burst our laughter together.... A and I were laughing until our stomachs cramped!!

It reminded us the last time three of us met together. We also had a great laugh over what A said. Sometimes she would say something innocently but was so funny for us. We really had fun being together. I even still can feel the cramp now when thinking about what she said and how she expressed her excitement! :)

After that, S continued shared her experience from 'The Law of Attraction'. She finally managed getting Built-in-Order government's flat at a very very very good location, her dream house.... It didn't come easy but eventually many ways were opened up for her and her hubby. They managed to get the money to pay the 10% upfront deposit plus other cost (stamp duty and additional 10k charges for PR).

I then shared what I encountered and by this sharing session, it motivated us to keep thinking positively, to know what we want, ask for it, believe that we deserve to get it and once the time comes, we will open our hands and heart to receive it... Hehehe.. The law of attraction.... Amazing, isn't it???

We talked until it was time to go home. It's only Monday. We have to go to work tomorrow. Otherwise, we might talk non-stop until night becomes day... :) It was really wonderful hanging around with people who know and understand you. We can share our woes and happiness, even anger together. We even think that one day we might go somewhere together. I suggested to at least go to Ashram together one day... Hahaha.....

On our way back, S showed us the picture of another 'thing' that she wishes to attract to. I asked A to do the same... ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you gals for making my day happy and my life beautiful :) Both of you have been part of my life and I'm very grateful for that :) Also, S has lent me 'Tuesdays with Morrie' and 'Have a little faith'. I almost bought it yesterday as my friend recommended me to read it. But I remembered that S once told me that she has it. So, thank you S for lending it to me. Now I really need plenty of time to read all those books!!! Hehe... Hope I can do it. Jia you!!!

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