Monday, June 24, 2013

Samsung S4 Training

Finally I changed my Blackberry 9900 into Samsung Galaxy S4 beginning of this month. My Blackberry still functioned well. But my handphone’s contract had almost reached the date and I was entitled to purchase the new phone at subsidized rate, at the same time extending a new contract.

It happened that there was PC Fair in Expo and my mobile provider offered free products (free casing, car charger, and charger dock – all original Samsung brand) if I bought S4. Without thinking twice, I bought the handphone that day with my hubby’s help.

After purchased, I transferred all the data (contact, photos, and songs) from Blackberry to S4. S4 is so user friendly that I could transfer the photos and songs through Bluetooth but I keyed in the contacts data one by one manually. I just loved doing that although it took so much time and made my eyes tired.

And last weekend, I went for Samsung Galaxy S4 training, provided by Samsung for all S4 users who were willing to learn more about the phone’s function. At first, I also didn’t know if there was such training. I knew it only when my good friend bought her Samsung Galaxy Note 2 last year. She told me she attended the training and showed us many functions that were available on her new phone. I was like… “Wow, that was good! If I bought Samsung phone, I would definitely attend such training.” Hehe… So I registered myself and went for the training.

The training provided was great! I learnt many things that I didn’t know before and it benefited me in many ways, especially that I could type faster now! Hohoho…. (One reason I used Blackberry was because it has QWERTY keypad that made me easier to type my email or message and that was also the reason on why I was reluctant to change to touch screen phone).  

Perhaps I was just too outdated, but the predictive text had made my life easier to type.  Other than that, the trainer also taught us to ‘tick’ the ‘Continuous input’ under the Samsung keyboard settings, where you could just swing your finger around from one alphabet to another to create words that you wanted to type. Wow!! It’s very useful function! And at first, I thought it would only applicable for English words, but I was wrong. I could type any words. Be it short cut or words in any other language. Huehehe… I was so happy and excited that I could type message or email faster without having to type the alphabet one by one which took so much time, especially when I typed the alphabet wrongly.

I could also set more than one language, in my case, English, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia as the input. There was a convenient button where I only needed to slide it to left or right when I wanted to change the language input.

The trainer taught us how to set the home screen and arrange icons in other pages; how to create folders; how to set many different email accounts, etc.

The phone had a group play function too where S4 users could share the file, photo, also to play music together (worked as speakers).

S Translator apps would make our life easier too when we went for travelling. For example: if I went to Korea and had no idea how to speak Korean. I could type the words in English, translated into Korean language and there was a speaker where you could let them hear and they could answer your question by talking into the microphone where it could translate the words back into English. Hehehe… I haven’t tried the function before, but it seemed so easy and interesting :)

We tried ‘Air View’ function where we could preview information by hovering finger over the screen, preview a scene in the video, magnify the content, etc.

Using ‘Air Gesture’ function, we could pick the phone up without touching it, view important info when the screen was off, scroll through webpage and email messages, moved between pictures, pages, or music tracks, etc.

NFC enables us to transfer the file, photo, music to the Samsung phone users who also has this function. I haven’t tried it yet hahaha… I will try it one day with other Samsung users.

The phone allowed us to browse multi window (max. 2 windows at the same time).

When using ‘Smart Pause’ function, video would be paused when the device detected your eyes faced away from the screen. It was another unique function by S4.

We tried the animated photo in the class. Quite cute!! It could freeze the picture you didn’t want to move and see those you wanted them to move. We took picture of our trainer who moved his hands.

And now, I don’t have any problem viewing any files from Facebook. Usually iPad/iPhone wouldn’t allow me to watch video that was using Acrobat to open. Oh.. I just love my new phone. There was only one thing not good, which was the battery very fast to drain if you turn your mobile data on all the time. So I have to bring the plug with me on weekend, in case I plan to go out for long day. Other than that, so far it works so good ;)

Thank you S4 for your wonderful functions. Hope we can work and live together for a long period of time. I will love you and take good care of you… Hehehe….


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of Samsung...
I ve been used it for 2 years now.
Eventhough I only use Samsung 2, but i pretty happy with it rather than blackberry..

Overcome said...

Hahaha... Thanks yz.. Yah, sometimes I'm a bit late with this kind of things but eventually I know what I want and would eventually got it :)

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