Thursday, June 20, 2013

Uniquely Singapore - Haze and Kitty :D

This morning my friend messaged me from Indonesia asking me to check if the Hello Kitty is available at the McDonald's nearest to my working place.  Right now there are Hello Kitty series sold in the outlets and they issue one model per week and the issue date is on every Thursday.

This morning I browsed my Facebook and saw many people posted long queue for Hello Kitty in various McDonald's accross Singapore.  Some even queued as early as 2.55am in the morning.  Hahaha.... Crazy no?

Source: unknown

While having lunch, the TV showed the PSI level at 1pm was 371! My Goodness!!! That was incredibly high!!! But it made me wonder how it felt like. So I decided to go out after lunch to the nearest McDonald's to witness the crazy haze and at the same time to check if Hello Kitty is available hehehe....

My colleagues were all making fun of me. They imagined me wearing mask and sunglasses (to avoid red eyes), bringing umbrella on one hand and bag on the other hand. Hahaha.... I was just laughing la... :D I felt as if I was going for a war! Lolx!

So after lunch, I really went out with 3M mask - supplied by company (for working purpose), and bag at one hand. No umbrella and no sunglasses.

It was hot outside and whitish smoke made the beautiful Singapore blurry.... Many people were wearing their masks. And also many shops and pharmacies were running out of stock of any kind of mask accross Singapore.  Also many companies were trying to protect their staffs who had to work outdoor. (So far no holiday was announced despite the haze level was hazardous. Only warning was given for us to stay indoor and less outdoor activities).

I took some photos how Clarke Quay looked like and I was so glad to witness all that hahaha... so that I can share it to all of you here :D

Well... I reached the mall. Hello Kitty was sold out. I informed my friend. She was sad to hear that and right now her sis was traveling all over Singapore to check the availability.... (This week's was the last collection, that was why you could see people queuing since so early in the morning - despite thick haze and before sun had risen).

So, here is Singapore. You can call us kiasi (scared to die) - buy mask until out of stock and kiasu (scared to lose) - queued so early to ensure you got that bloody Hello Kitty!!! But this shows how unique Singapore is. And only this way I can feel I'm home..... ;)

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