Sunday, July 21, 2013

Awful but happy :)

It's been an awful weekend this time round. I felt some discomfort on Friday on my throat but I was still went ahead with hot plate lunch and steamboat dinner with my colleagues. The dinner was for a farewell plus gathering.

I tried to eat less spicy Tom yam soup and eat more herbal soup, but I forgot that I took the cold lime juice and water chestnut drink after the meal which made my throat angry.

It was nightmare when I slept on Friday night :( I could feel the burning sensation over my throat while sleeping. I felt like crying :( I woke up few times to drink some water but the pain was still the same...

So on Saturday morning I decided to visit the doctor. He gave me antibiotic plus other medicines, many of them. For stand by. For throat inflammation, phlegm, running nose, and cough. I forgot to ask some lozenges to ease the itchy throat....

After that I had porridge for breakfast and went out to send my son for his Buddhist class.  While waiting, I sat at Yakun coffee shop, ordering tea with Kaya Toast and read my book there.

This time, I was having Fifty Shades Darker (second book). There are total of three books (Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker, and Freed). Knew these as they have been under top ten list of popular selling books. But I had no idea what was the story of the book about. Because it was sealed with transparent plastic on each book sold.

I got my copies when I helped up selling things on our company Bazaar where the money accumulated would be donated to Singapore Children's Society.  I was quite lucky back then to get it as there were not many books donated. And I got it at very good price.

Only recently then I had time to read it. I was so surprise reading it. Never knew that the book was so.... interesting. And yesterday when I stopped by at the book shop, I took a closer look on the plastic that covered and wrapped the books nicely.  There was sticker on it saying - 'Strictly No Browsing. Contain adults materials.  Not suitable for children'. Hahaha.... now only then I realized... Yallama!!! And now I know why browsing wasn't allowed hohoho....

And I posted the book cover on my Facebook. It drew attention of my girl friends. One has bought the online version, still reading the first book. One hasn't read yet but interested to read it. One has finished reading it. And to my surprise, my sister whom I know only love to play the game online, has finished reading it. Hahaha.... I didn't know that she got time and interest to read the book. Ended up she said that she read it before getting pregnant with her second child. Hahahahaha.... I faster asked my girl friend to read it finish, and practice it so she can also have one baby soon :D just kidding dear... and she shot me back lor.... asking me to do it first to get baby 'Reesa'. I replied to her... 'Reesa??? You mean Reyka???' Hahahaha....

It's good to know that my friends and sister love reading books. Any book. At least now I can understand what are they talking about. I still remembered myself just keeping quiet listening my both friends talking about books many months back. I felt out of their world. Now I'm even reading adult material books??? Hahaha.... not that I purposely doing so, but I just didn't know what the book story was about before having it :D

So last night, another sleepless night. Since I had to drink more water, I woke up many times to go to toilet.

This morning we had to wake up early as we had breakfast appointment. My sister and her children came here for a night before continuing their journey to other place to meet my parents. Since she had only limited time, I had to go and meet her despite my health.

We met up in Bugis. Had our meals in hawker center as there were more varieties of food to choose then went to Kwan Im Temple to pray. After that we had some shopping before going home.

My sis came to my house before flying off. She had never visited my house before. She came bringing snacks and some presents for me, oh I am so pampered by all of them. Thank you Erjie. My eldest sis also brought lots of things for me when she came the other day. Thank you Dajie. 

My brother and sis-in-law were here too. they have been busy lately as so many people came and went as they were all staying at their place. My brother had to become driver cum tour guide. Hahaha... and my sis-in-law was busy washing bed sheets everytime I went to their house. They are very good people and kind. That's why they are blessed with a pair of well behaved and clever children who love them very much.

Sometimes I envy them, but in good way. They have shown good examples, at least for me, in many areas in life.

I took my medicines and felt sleepy. My health got worse. I took a nap after they left and woke up hungrily. My son asked me how did I feel. He heard me coughing few times also went to toilets for few times too. He showed his concern to me knowing I wasn't feeling well.

When I asked him to buy food outside, to my surprise he didn't refuse. He agreed to it right away. He asked me what meat and veggies did I want to add on my rice and he ran out all the way to the food stall nearby my house (about 10 mins walk), and came back in minutes.

We just finished our dinner. I feel better now and now enjoying a hot ginger drink that I boiled myself yesterday night.  Later I need to make some apple juice to strengthen my immune system.

Left few hours before Monday starts. I will continue reading, hopefully can finish the second book by today. 
Have a great time everyone!!!

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