Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite place to go in Singapore - Public Library :)

We are very lucky to stay in Singapore where the government encourages its citizens to read more - be it magazine, newspapers, books, and so on.

About eleven years ago I was surprised when my fellow Indonesian friend, who was Singapore PR, told me that she could borrow books for free after one time registration, which didn't cost much. I was Singapore PR too at that time and I forgot how much I paid upon registering. If I'm not wrong, it was same price as current fee of $10.50. After that we could borrow books at any library.

Currently we can borrow maximum 8 library items inclusive of 3 music scores or audio-visual materials. We are given a maximum of 21 days to borrow for books and music scores and 14 days to borrow magazines and audio-visual materials.

For more info, you can click the link here

There are 24 Public Libraries (including three regional libraries) across Singapore located conveniently.

There are 3 libraries that I often visit.

Sengkang Public Library
Sengkang Public Library - the nearest and the most reachable from my house. It was just being renovated not long time ago in the children book sections.

Cheng San Public Library in Hougang
Cheng San Public Library in Hougang Mall- I used to go there often before moving out to new house. Sometimes I still visit this place. This one has also just been renovated.  Look at the fresh look and colorful design.

Bishan Public Library
Bishan Public Library - I visit this place on weekend as it is located near my brother's house and place where I do my facial :) It is four-storey high, huge and spacious.  User friendly.  I love their book collections there.  They have newer and more latest published books.  There was a place where I found most of the books I wanted to read.

In all libraries they have special book area for children. Children are really pampered there. Other than a wide variety of children books, the reading area was also designed specifically to them. It was designed in colorful way, in comfortable sofa and chairs, to make them love to visit it at anytime. All libraries were full air-conditioned. So during weekend when you have no where to go, library is the place that you can visit to spend your time reading your favorite book in a comfortable environment without paying any single cent :)

There are tables available too for people to read daily newspapers available in many different languages.  Many elderly can be seen there almost everyday. 

Other than that, some libraries provide table and chairs for students to study, to do their projects. It's condusive for learning. Students can bring their laptop there. There are many electric outlets available to charge their laptop and handphone.

So this place caters to everyone at any age. Children, teenagers, adults, and elderly.  

I used to go library too to study for my exam. But you need someone to go together as to help you to take care your belonging if you want to go to the toilets.

There is Café available in some libraries where you can read the book and drink coffee/tea or having snacks while enjoy reading your book.

They have website available where you can check if the book that you want to borrow available at the library that you want to go. You can even reserve the book in advance for the book that you are dying to read, but you have to pay a small fee of $1.55 for the admin fee. Once the book is available, they will send you a notification letter to collect the book at the library within certain period of time. It's convenient, isn't it?

I'm so grateful being here. Thank you library to lend me so many books that can enrich my knowledge and feed my hunger and thirst of information, making me wiser, and of course it wasn't only me who enjoy, also the rest of the people.  Thank you :)


Riku said...

I love to visit there one day. Good post. Loved reading it.

Overcome said...

Thank you Riku. Hope your dream will come true :)

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