Monday, July 22, 2013

Good husband

I’ve got this picture from my friend’s Facebook. Chinese believe in face reading, palm reading, and other kind of body parts reading. And when the above translated, it means like this:

Which part of the body that should have more meat???
1. Lips – Kind
2. Chin – Obedient
3. Nose – Have desire and wealth
4. Ear – Long life
5. Cheek – Lucky face
6. Shoulder – Can be trusted
7. Palm – Rich
8. Legs – Reliable
9. Butt – Take care of family well

Looks like in general, fat man has better chance of becoming a good husband. So ladies, especially single ladies, when you’re looking for a good husband to stay with you throughout your life, find a man who has all the criteria above :) Cheers and good luck!!!

Marry me!!! I've got all that except for the ears ;P


Merlyn Rahardja said...

Hihihi love my chubby hubby

Overcome said...

Hahaha... Lucky you!!! :)

SnowQueen said...

my hubby fleshy semua cuiiii....

Overcome said...

Sip sip...

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