Monday, July 08, 2013

Thank you my sisters and brother :) I love all of you!!!

I loved it
When we were together
Although we lived in different countries
It didn’t stop us
To be crazy
To be wild
To joke
To tease each other
To laugh uncontrollably
I think it was in our genes
That we laughed without limit
Until tears dropped in our eyes
And sore throat as a result
Didn’t really bother who looked at us weirdly
But sure they know we were happy
I just loved it
And this was how we were
When we were together  

Since young
We grew up together under one roof
We played together
Traveled together
Adventured together
Until certain age
Where we were separated into two parts
Three of you
and two of us  

But no matter what
Every night
Once we entered Mom’s room
We all girls would chit chat together
About anything…   

Our school’s life
Our friends
Our neighbors
Our pets
Even among ourselves

We also always found ways to entertain each other
The fashion show using Pa’s sarong, or Mom’s blanket, or even our own towels
Singing those adult’s heartbroken song that we could hardly understand,
while our hands moved accordingly while singing
I.e. Bukalah kaca matamu…… (Open your sunglasses….); Ibu… Maafkan akuuuu…. (Mom, please forgive me…)
Sometimes even practicing to read and memorize poem before the competition day in school
This was how we trained ourselves to be confidence in front of public  

Time flew just like meteor passing by
Each of us had grown up individually
For few decades unknowingly
It has made us who we are today  

When we are adults now
We accommodate to each other’s needs
We offer advices on what we knew
We seek for advices too from those who knew
We confide to each other's personal problem
We also told them the truth when we didn’t know anything  
We gave supports to those who were in low spirits
And gave them blessings for any happy occasions
Most importantly,
We prayed to each other
So that everyone blessed with good health and life full of happiness  

Distance was not matter for us
What’s app… BBM…
It has made our world smaller and nearer  

Life was not always a happy ride
We went through sadness too
Or anger
But it wouldn’t last long  

We knew each other’s characters, strengths, and weaknesses
Some were so talkative
Some full of complains
Some full of worries
Some full of positivity
Some was so relax as if nothing happened
It’s our diversity that clicked us together  

It was a bless that we were born under the same parents
It was a bless that we were all loving to each other
It was a bless that even after few decades we were still so close, so funny or even so annoyed
We still hope that we would always be together no matter what,
and would never give up our bonds and fate.  
Thank you all my sisters and brother
Who had made me who am I today  

Without all of you,
I wouldn’t be so wise and understanding
I would be so selfish person who only think about myself
I wouldn’t know what ‘sharing’ means
I wouldn’t know what ‘happiness when we were together’ is
I wouldn’t know what ‘help each others’ means
I also wouldn’t know how good it is to be part of big families  

After we all got married
I had even more brothers and sister-in-law
Who loved, taught, and took care of me
Oh I felt so blessed!!!  

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!
I am indeed a lucky youngest sister
Protected and taught by many before me.
I love all of you!!!
Very much!!!
Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this..
but wondering... who is this one?
Some were so talkative --
Some full of complains --
Some full of worries -
Some full of positivity
Some was so relax as if nothing happened - kk?

is my guest same with you?
give me the initial.. hahahha


Anonymous said...

oh.. I Love you too..
nice to have little sister..
eventhough you are wiser than me.

Overcome said...

Yes, you got it all right ;)

You are the closest to me since I was young. When you were in one place, I was there too. We've been joining many activities together too.

We often talked same words at same time all of the sudden as if we had same mind in our head.

So how possibly you didn't know what I was thinking??? :)

Overcome said...

Thank you! I love you too....

Anonymous said...

Gw td dah tls comment, tp ga tau error, jd ga bs send... Tulis ulang lagi deh, capeee deeehhh....

Wondering who is the one... I don't see d initial from Yz, how u know ur initial would be d same with yz.

I try make it clear with d number

Some were talkaktive - 1
Some full of complaints - 2
Some full of worries - 4
Some full of positivity - 5
Some was o relax as if nothing happened - 3

Btw who is kk ?

I always thanks to God for d all bro, sis and parents that He gave to me

We always pray and support each other...

Sometimes i feel sad n lonely since we stay in different country and i miss d moment that we can gather each otherin one place

Hopefully we can be like this untill the end ofmy life

Miss and love u all a lot

We care n love in different way....

Families is a precious thing for me.....

Kemesraan ini janganlah cepat berlalu....


Overcome said...

Hahaha... yz and I used mind language. She didn't have to put initial but we knew who we meant ;P

And from your comment we can see who is the talkative one already Hahahahaha... Peace ;D

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