Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meine Kamera


I bought my first camera when I was in Beijing in year 1997. It was Canon Prima Super 135 (No. 1). My Israel friend, Jonathan, who loves photography, recommended me to buy that. I purchased it at US$330. It was a bit bulky, but had a great quality of photos at that point of time.

Usually when buying things, I'd go for quality. So even though the price was slightly higher, I would rather spare those money on quality stuffs rather than spending it at impulse (not necessarily needed) clothing, bag, shoes, make up, as what other woman prefers to buy. (I always think I am not like other woman, who loves to spend their money on those stuffs.. Hahaha.... :D)

I was super happy with my first camera. Canon was my choice, as it was made in Japan (at that time, Japan product was trusted for its quality and technology). The battery used was lithium, which costs slightly expensive, but it could last for quite long. And I had to fill in the camera roll into that camera. I'd bought and used lots of camera rolls. I had lost count as I used that camera for quite some time.

What I loved about this camera, I could put in some words to be printed into the photo, such as: I love you, Happy Birthday, and so on. Hahaha... At that time, not many camera had that function. It had been a great accompany to me as it had helped me shooting many precious moments of my life.

After getting married, I bought my second camera. This time, it's digital, and it's Canon again, Power Shot S50 (No. 2). Hehehe... This time, the price was very high at that point of time (beginning of year 2003). It was transition time between camera roll to digital camera. I went with my hubby to choose the camera and like usual, I chose the good quality one. Kekeke....... So, although it was quite expensive, I bought it happily :)

This camera has also been used for few years. I had recorded lots of photos and videos of my son since he was still a baby, also my traveling adventures to many different countries. It was still a bit bulky compared with Canon IXUS and those other compact cameras, but again, I went for quality, so it didn't matter if it's slightly heavier and bulky as long it worked well :)

I got my third camera, Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS (No. 3), for free as I won a lucky draw from a liquor contest. It was really unexpected, but I won the second prize. The first prize was Ipod touch and my other colleague won it. We sent the lucky draw together and we were lucky enough to win those top two prizes :D I got it in year 2009, not long after I joined back my company.

It was small, very compact, easy to carry, and captured good quality photos as well. I love it very much, as it was simple but usable. Only that, I've used it for about three years, and now the quality has started to decline. It was slower when taking photo. Not sure if it's because the battery has deteriorated, or was it the quality inside the camera that has been deteriorated.

Since my Canon Power Shot S50 had aged quite some time, and I had greater interest in photography, I finally bought my first DSLR camera (No. 5) in March 2009, after I collected my bonus from the previous company that I worked at. It's Canon again. Hahaha... I love and trust Canon so much!!! It never disappoints me hehe... I consulted my ex-colleague who had just bought DSLR camera and he asked me to buy Canon EOS 450D (that was the latest one at that point of time). I purchased it during IT Fair in Suntec together with EF S18-55IS lens and another lens.

It's been 4 years now and it still works well, although the latest model has more advanced quality and has video function, this one still functions well. When I passed by a roadshow on Friday, I almost had a thought of replacing this with the latest model, which is now going on promotion. But I decided to think over it again if I really need to replace that and went back home.

I consulted this matter with my chatting brother who also loves photography. He never bought Canon though. Hahaha... He plays with higher end camera, such as Leica and Nikon DSLR. He said, now he is using Olympus OM-D E-M5. He advised me to keep my Canon DSLR and save the money for buying higher end like Canon D5. But I told him, I am not good in using such complicated camera like D5, and I don't want to bring heavy camera for traveling. That's why he recommended me to buy Olympus Pen E-P3.

It's not as bulky as my Canon DSLR and has as good quality as my 450D. So I did a quick research on the price and just nice there was a promotion which is valid until today. So, this afternoon, after work, I went to the electronic shop, asked many question about different cameras, and as personal preference, since I don't buy Canon this time, my second preference brand would be Olympus. 

The seller recommended me Panasonic Lumix and Sony, but like I said, my own personal preference on camera would be these two brands. Well, don't know if someday I will change my mind though. Hehehe.. 

There were two choices to buy the Olympus Pen E-P3 (No. 4). One was with twin lens, and another with three lens. After consulting with my chatting brother, he asked me to buy twin lens. That should be enough as the other lens, although cheap, has limited use. And I also didn't want to spend so much although it's different by S$200 more. 

It is good bargain still though! One of the lens was called Pancake lens, M.Zuiko 17mm f/2.8 (if you want to buy the lens itself, it costs S$528) and another one was M. Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 II R (lens alone costs $498). But I got the camera with these two lens for only $748 (promotion price, which valid until today only), inclusive of free battery, free memory card 8 GB, the bag and additional 3 more months warranty on top of one year warranty.

Well, hope this camera will be a good accompany for few years too... I still keep all those cameras with me. Not sure if the old one can still function well, but I just keep it as it has so much sentimental value hehehe.... It's such a fate to be able to have them with me and I'm glad of having them with me for so many years :)

Although I myself not a very good photographer, but I love capturing beautiful moments, those moments that passes by and will never be the same again..... What remains are the beautiful memories....


Anonymous said...

I asked Rafa.. who is that in the picture? he did not recognize himself. I told him, the baby is you.. he keep saying no... no.. no..
yz :)

Overcome said...

Hahaha.... If I asked my baby, he might not know it was him too... Huahahahhahahahah....... :P

Riku said...

Good research on camera. I would certainly take this study from your blog to purchase a camera. Have a good day!

Overcome said...

Hi Riku! If you need help on what to focus in buying camera, please let me know. I'll help u with the research of the info so u can get the good one :)

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