Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 4 in South Korea - Flying back from Jeju to Seoul

It's our last day in Jeju. That was the last day to stay in a very nice hotel too. Therefore we decided to stay longer until check out time. Lolx! After checking out, we left our luggage at the concierge. We walked to Dongmun market to have our lunch.

Sashimi lunch set @Dongmun market,  Jeju

Finally we managed to eat the fresh fish sashimi set. We passed by this place for many times. Only today we finally ate there. One set came with such food - a set of fish sashimi, steamed egg, cold platter (fresh oysters, boiled small crayfish, quail eggs, peas, corns, octopus), grilled saba or mackerel fish, spicy fish soup, sushi, noodles and vegetables for condiments to be eaten with the sashimi. All set for two costs KRW30,000 (S$37). Oh, plus a bottle of soju at KRW3,000 (S$3.70). Oh man, this is another country that sells a cheap liquor!! At the supermarket, a bottle of soju was sold at an average of KRW1,000 (S$1.22). OMG! No wonder most Korean are good at drinking!!

Btw, you know what? We actually ate at the wrong stall. There were actually 2 stalls at left and right side. Since all wordings were in Korean,  we didn't know that the two stalls were different. If you looked at my photo above, I was posing with the wrong restaurant background. That was what we wanted to eat at. However, we sat down at its next door stall. Hahaha... At night both stalls were full and crowded but we always passed by the blue signage restaurant as the toilet was reached from that direction. The food looked great and that afternoon more people had lunch there. The funniest thing was that we only realized about it when we wanted to pay our bill. Lolx! I was sitting down with the view behind me. So my hubby was the one who realized the difference. Because when I wanted to pay, I was actually heading to the next door's stall and the staff asked me to pay at the other side. Hahahaha.... I wanted to laugh if I thought about it! No wonder la we saw people eating something but it was not listed on our menu. So, being able to read and understand one language was very important. Here we both couldn't speak nor understanding their writing. Most of the time we used or body language to communicate with them ^^" and that's what happened lor hahaha.... :P

Walked around Jeju town

After lunch, we had a walk to the Jungang Underground shopping center. It's indeed a clever idea to have shopping center underground. During winter, it's warm (by heater) and during summer, it's cold (by air-conditioner). Many things were sold down there. We had a walk nearby the area and went back to hotel to collect our luggage, then headed to the Jeju Airport.

Jeju Airport - took Jeju Air back to Seoul

We bought some snacks before flying. At duty free shop, we found out that the Face Shop's masks were the cheapest sold. At town, a set of 10 packs of mask costs KRW10,000. 30 packs of mask costs KRW 30,000 and get 2 packs of mask for free. In the duty free shop, we could choose which type of mask at 10 packs per type. Buy 60 packs, free 20 packs. Moreover, a set of 10 packs of mask costs only KRW8,000 each! So, 80 packs of mask costs only KRW48,000, which means 1 pack of mask was only KRW600 (S$0.73) compared to the price at town at KRW937.50 (S$1.14). Wow!! That's so much different ya!! I bought 30 packs already on my first day in Seoul. Since it was a very good offer, I bought another 80 packs to be given as gifts back home. What a good bargain! In Singapore, there is Face Shop store too, and the price was crazily expensive!!! I think it's about S$2 plus each pack. So, if you visit Korea, buy the Face Shop products at Duty Free shop! Only that not all products were available. Some items were not sold there.

Beautiful full moon with colorful clouds up in the sky :)

It's an hour and five minutes flight from Jeju to Seoul. In the airplane, our seat was facing directly to the moon. It's lunar 15th December today and the moon was full round and bright. We could see the transformation of the clouds color from time to time. It was so beautiful. Same like the stars, this time you didn't have to look up to see them, it's on the eye-level view. So glad meeting the beautiful moon up in the sky!! Feeling blessed! :)

Outside Seoul Station at night :)

We took train from the Gimpo Airport to Seoul Station. We stopped by and enjoyed the night view outside the Seoul Station. The moon was still up there, shone beautifully. The weather was getting much better compared with the first day we reached Seoul. It was cold, but not that windy. Thank Buddha that we didn't have to suffer like the first day :) We went back to the same hostel and stayed at the same room. Home sweet home :)

Spicy soup dinner ^^

After putting our luggage, we walked outside again to have our dinner. My hubby was desperately searching for Zha Jiang Mian or soya black bean paste noodle. He watched the Korean show, saw how nice the noddle was, and wanted to try it. However, we'd been browsing many restaurants but the Zha Jiang Mian was nowhere to be seen. So tonight, when we saw there was Zha Jiang Mian at the menu in one of the restaurants, we went inside. Too bad, it wasn't available. Therefore, we chose other type of noodles for dinner, a spicy seafood noodle with pork cutlet and a spicy dumpling noodle, plus fried dumpling or mangdu as side dish. It felt good to eat such a hot soup in a very cold weather like this. My hubby was sweating all over while eating the soup lolx!

Our room at Backpackers INSIDE in Seoul,  South Korea :)

Before going back to hostel, we bought mixed of fried chicken, rice cake and potato hash cooked with sweet sour paste and few pieces of tempura (sweet potato, dumpling, and octopus). We also bought some water, yoghurts and snacks at Lotte Mart. Jialat!! We ate supper almost everyday! Guarantee chop chop that I am gaining weight after only few days here!!!

Time to sleep now. Keep reading and let us continue our journey :) Btw, the Wi-fi isn't working. I'm typing this using the desktop. I will upload the photos tomorrow morning. Hopefully the Wi-fi will be working. Let's hope for the best!! Good night!!

Psstt.. I was finally managed to upload pictures here. However, I was tapping into other people's Wi-fi add ours was still not working ;P Better offline fast now. Have a great day everyone! Annyeong!!!

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