Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to home sweet home :)

Both of us returned back to Singapore last night. Our flight was in the evening at 4.20pm. In the morning we woke up quite late, packed our luggage, then checked out from the hostel. We put our luggage at the receptionist.

My hubby last Korean food treat for breakfast

We walked to the nearby area and stopped by at one of the opened stall. It's my hubby's last wish: to eat Kimbab, fish cake and its soup. At first he wanted to order the tteokboki (spicy rice cakes) with it but since he only ate alone, I reminded him that the Kimbab was quite fully, so he stopped after ordering those two. Poor hubby! Since I was sick, he lost his khaki (partner) to eat and it wasn't really enjoyable to eat alone. The portion was too much for 1 person and he would only be able to eat less variety as he had to finish it alone. Sorry la!

As he was eating joyfully, I was sitting down there next to him and watched how Aunties prepared the food (I had already eaten a bowl of porridge before leaving the hostel, which my hubby cooked inside the room ^^). I hoped to learn few skills just by watching them hehehe... (wishful thinking). This shop was small, however, it looked famous as there were many signatures done by famous stars hung on the wall. It opened 24 hours. I watched them preparing the food diligently and that passion came from their heart :) That's what made food taste delicious ^^

Morning break at 7th Heaven Coffee in Seoul

After that we went to have a morning break at 7th Heaven Coffee, one of the coffee chains in Korea. We sat at 2nd floor next to the window.

From there we could see the road view outside. The place was warm and cosy. Since I couldn’t have a coffee, I ordered hot chocolate. Perfect for a cold weather :) Btw the temperature that morning was -3. There was sunshine but there was wind blowing too. However, no single sign of snowfall hehe... :)

We sat there for some time. And youknow what? Oh I loved their electronic toilet bowl (change subject hehehe...). Once I sat on it, the seat was automatically warmed up! It made me wanting to sit longer. Lolx! There were control buttons at the side where you could choose the water to spray on your buttock, air-blow the buttock, and so on.

Hahaha... I know it wasn't my first time experiencing it but the automatically warming the seat that made me happy and satisfied because during our stay in hostel for few days, we suffered a lot by the cold and chilling air that went into our toilet through the window. It became super cold and humid. We always tried to do our business there as fast as possible then went out to avoid getting cold and wet. Hahaha... So I guess you understand now why I loved their toilet bowl so much ^^

Two students were waiting for the bus ^^

We did last minute shopping before collecting our luggage back from the hostel then walked hurriedly to the bus stop. The bus came every half an hour so we didn't want to miss it because otherwise we would be late for our flight.

Soon the bus came. We stored our luggage on the compartment below, paid our bus fare (at KRW10,000 or S$12.20 per pax), sat down and relaxed until it reached the airport.  On the way we looked at the view outside the window and said goodbye.

Last sight of Seoul from inside the bus

We passed by the Gyeongbok Palace, just nice there was a guards-changing ceremony. We then realized too that we actually could travel faster by bus rather than by Subway to certain destinations as we didn't have to waste our effort and time to walk up and down the staircases, also transfer to the other subway lines. The bus directions were written both in Korean and English. The announcement was also done in both languages. It's only that we were not familiar with it at first few days of our visit.

We passed by the Riverside too. There, we saw many people riding bicycle, jogging and exercising. Suddenly I missed my Punggol Park and my bike... ^^

Incheon International Airport

We reached airport in one hour time. We checked-in at the counter then went outside. My hubby wanted to smoke and took the last fresh cool winter air ^^ We had burger meals and salad at Lotteria, a Korea fast food chain. Finally I had fast food in Korea! Lolx! There were many other fast food available there but my hubby always wanted to have Korean dishes and avoiding fast food whenever possible. So you know why I was so exciting about it hehehe...

After eating, it was almost time for boarding. We were still outside and there were lots of people queuing. They all queued for the hand carry luggage's security check. Luckily they opened two more lines so that we didn't have to stuck in the queue and faster went through the immigration check.

We had no time to shop anymore. But anyway the stuffs there were quite expensive. We walked directly to the boarding area and sat there until the gate was opened.

We boarded onto the plane and it flew away. Good bye Korea! It was a great experience for both of us and it's been more than a decade since I last time experienced the snowfall. I came to understand now why most of the time I traveled on the month of August and September to the four- season countries as I didn't really enjoying an extreme cold weather. I mean, it's more enjoyable when the weather was around 20s degree Celsius. But anyway, no pain no gain. I enjoyed the snow still and the feeling wearing the boots. Something that we don't do back in Singapore ^^

In the airplane, I had my last Korean meal, Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice with vegetables, minced meat, sesame oil and Korean chilli paste, plus a can of Hite beer. OMG!!! I forgot that my stomach was still on the way to recovery!!! After having it, I could feel the war inside my stomach. So many air inside. And after reaching Changi Airport, I immediately looked for the toilet and vomited down there. Ohhh!!! I vomited again after reaching home.

This morning I went to see doctor and got one day Mc from the doctor. I spent my day resting at home - sleeping and napping. I ate only light food. Haiz! But it gets much better now. Hope I can go back to work healthily tomorrow :) Well, time to sleep now. Take care everyone! Especially your health, wherever you are! Keep warm and safe! Byeee.... Annyeong....

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