Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jeju Island day 1 - Visiting Yongduam (Dragon Head) rock and traditional Dongmun Market

We took a rest for half an hour before going out to visit a famous Yongduam or Dragon Head rock located just 10 minutes away by taxi from our hotel.

Yongduam (Dragon Head) rock in Jeju Island

The rock was created by unusual lava formation plus strong winds and waves over thousands of years. Its shape looked like a roaring Dragon rising from the sea into the sky. There were lots of stories of how it came to be like that.

We reached the place almost at sunset time. However we couldn't see the sun,  instead we saw the beautiful round moon up in the sky ^^

After that we took taxi and headed to Jeju Dongmun traditional wet market. I heard about this place from my colleague. It's a must visit place in town. We got the direction from the hotel's receptionist too. So lucky that the main shopping area was within walking distance from our hotel so we could have a walk to reach there.

Jeju Dongmun traditional wet market in Jeju Island

Oh!  I love this place! It's a market where people selling meat, vegetables, fishes, seafood,  fruits and so on.

Selling local products and souvenirs - Dongmun market

Other than that, local products were also sold here. The famous Hallabong orange,  chocolate fruits, rice wine, honey,  snacks made of the orange, souvenirs and so on. Lots of shops sold same things with almost the same price. Interesting!

Korean local snacks ^^

We both were hungry. Just nice there was a shop selling local snacks and they offered seat too. We decided to eat there. We ordered each type of the snack's menu available but 'mangdu' or dumplings were sold out. Oh, it tasted so good! Spicy rice cake or tteokboki,  seaweed rice rolls or kimbab, fish cake stick or odeng, tempura fried chili and sotong or cuttlefish,  sausage rice with pig's liver and intestines. It really filled our stomach up! All costs KRW 9,500 or $S11.60.

Dongmun Market,  Jeju Island

After dinner we had a walk. We went into a grocery shop to buy some milks, seaweed, some snack etc. I think I've gained few kilos in just two days time.  Lolx!

Shopping street in Jeju town :)

Then we walked back to hotel passing by their shopping street. Well, that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed reading and stay tune for our next experience in Jeju Island! ^^

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