Friday, January 17, 2014

'A friend in need is a friend indeed'

Me and SJ ^^

As from my previous post,  I was sick and weak, kept vomiting after taken some food and medicine. My mom and siblings, although they were faraway from me, they were all worrying about me. They wanted to do something physically, to make me feel much better, however they couldn't. They could only pray for me to get well soon. That's more than enough. Thank you everyone!

This afternoon I was suffering. Feeling horrible with my stomach. The gastric medicine that I took didn't stop me from vomiting. Luckily Internet had gone well after 4pm so I could get back to my room and kept myself warm under my blanket.

I was messaging my Korean friend that I supposed to meet tomorrow for lunch.  I told her about my condition. She was worrying about me too. Her office was not far from the hostel where I stayed. Since we can't meet tomorrow, she decided to meet me this evening after work. And since she would be coming down, I was asking her a favor to get me some medicines as she was more familiar with the language and medicine. So she was asking me more details about my situation and told me that she would bring the medicines for me.

I was hoping that the medicine would be effective for me because I was feeling miserable and hopeless, didn't know what to do, even made me thinking of the worse situation that might happen to me. Going to see the doctor would be the last resort for me - that was what I thought.

Once coming back to my room, I slept for almost two hours. My room was warm now. We had adjusted the heater temperature to 20 degree (it was only 16 degree on our first day here and we were freezing like hell Lolx! ). She told me she was coming, on her way here and she came at about 7pm.

My savior for tonight. Thank you my friend!

She brought some medicines with her. The small container was kind of Chinese medicine to stop the vomit, to be drunk with the liquid inside the long bottle. It felt cold and sooth my gastric pain. I was advised to keep my stomach empty, only drank warm water for tonight. I have to drink another small bottle with warm water before sleeping and tomorrow morning to drink another bottle with an empty stomach.

So far so good. The medicines have shown some effects on my body. And I guess, it was because of the appearance of my long time friend, whom I could chit chat with, update about the rest of the Korean,  Indonesian,  Singaporean, and Taiwanese ex-school mates, which brought back the memory. It was great that we still kept in touch after so long (the last time we met up was in June 2001) and she was contacting me last year when she wanted to visit Singapore, asking me to meet up. However I wasn't in the country when she came. I went back to my hometown. So this time, knowing that I would be going to Seoul, I tried to make it up and planned to meet her for lunch or dinner. Too bad we couldn't go ahead with the plan due to my sudden sickness. She had actually planned to let us trying the Korean traditional food with full arrange of dishes. Oh, too bad! Next time ba if we were given a chance again.

Tidbits and snacks from SJ :)

After that she went out for a while saying that she wanted to buy some snacks for my son. End up she bought lots of things for the whole families. She bought things that she loved to eat and let us try. Thank you so much SJ for coming here and visiting me, also bringing medicines to me and hoping that I could get better soon. It was the most beautiful present for me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You are really my savior and 'A friend in need is a friend indeed!'

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