Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Song of Solitude by Milarepa

"This mountain land full of meadows and bright flowers is a joyful place.

In the first trees dance and monkeys play,
birds give voice to all kinds of beautiful song and bees weave and float.

Delicious summer and winter rain cascades,
Autumn and spring mists roll in, 
The rainbow sparkles night and day.

In such solitude Mila, the cotton-clad one,  finds his joy.

I contemplate the emptiness of all things and see the clear light,

Happy when all manner of things appear before me: the more things appear the happier I become, 

For my body and mind are free of evil.

Happy am I add things whirl about me -

In their coming and going I remain happy,  for free of passion am I.

Happy in the turning of sorrow to joy, happy in my body's strength, 

Happy in the triumphant song I sing, in my running and leaping dance, 

Happy at the turning into words of the sounds I hum, 

Happy in my spontaneous power. ..."

Taken from the Tibetan Way of Life,  Death and Rebirth written by John Peacock


Sangay Cholden said...

Wonderful insight! Be happy and smile ever maim!

Unknown said...

Nice post, it was refreshing indeed...:) :)

Overcome Life said...

Thank you both for keep reading my blog! The poem also lifted my spirit up. Hope it brings your mood up too :)

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