Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wonderful cool breeze :)

Oh I love the weather in Singapore now. Every morning on the way to MRT station, I could feel the cool breeze with the sun hidden behind the clouds. I thought I was living in mountains instead of among the tall HDB buildings. How pleasant it felt :)

In the afternoon, it was windy too with again, sun hiding behind the thick clouds. However, there wasn't a sign of raining. Like now, I'm sitting down at my favorite place facing the Singapore River, enjoying the cool breeze blowing up my hair that is getting longer each and everyday :)

Even in the evening, when reaching MRT station back to home side, we were welcomed by the cool flurry of air. It made us lazy though. Once filled up the stomach with dinner, sitting down comfortably on the couch, what's next was the sleepy feeling. But last night, I decided to go out and enjoy the breeze by cycling around the Punggol Park.

I took out and unfolded my bike from our storeroom, changed my gear, and there was I, readied to go! It felt cold at first, but after cycling the slope up, I started to feel the kick, sweat started to appear on my back. I felt warm, and my two legs kept moving uncontrollably leaving my mind wandering around with the music on my ears.

You'll Only Live Once YOLO (Source:

Some songs brought the old memories back. It made me smiling and happy. Good and bad memories, it was all just memories. Like what my buddy said last night,  "Just keep the beautiful memories bah!!" and he was absolutely right! We move on and we learn each and every day. As day goes by, we grow up maturely bits by bits, learning to let go,  and accept things for the way they are.

Having best buddies who understand me is the most blessing things I would ever imagine and I'm lucky I have few of them surrounded me, near and far :)

Well, time to go back to work now. It's good to reflect and ponder in such nice weather. Hope it will always be like this everyday (dream on... hehehe... ^^) Have a great day everyone!

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