Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 5 in South Korea - Romantic trip to Nami Island and N Seoul Tower

Our internet was not working inside the room. So, when I woke up at 6.30 am and found some other open Wi-fi available, I faster uploaded photos to my blog. I ended up having only about 4 and half an hour sleep. I planned to visit Nami Island after returning from Jeju, however, when facing the coldness, I thought of giving up the trip and going somewhere else. When I told my colleague about it, she insisted me to go there, "Must go!!" I asked her why? She said, "Very romantic." As simple as that. Hahaha.... Well, since she said so, we decided to continue with our plan, last minute. We took subway to Cheongyangri then continued taking the ITX-Cheung Cheun high speed train and stopped at Gapyeong station.

When we wanted to board the train, we met two Taiwanese women, also traveling. But they would go all the way to Chun Cheun while we stopped before that. They planned to go to Nami Island after their browsing around Chun Cheun. We had a chit chat inside the train and when it reached our destination, we said goodbye. And guess what? It was snowing!!! Wow, I was very exciting! Nami Island was supposed to be seen during snowing and I was really lucky that it was snowing! Hohoho...

Warmed up our stomach with two bowls of instant noodles :)

We faster took a cab to the Ferry terminal to cross over to the island. We stopped by at one convenience store, bought a cup of coffee, plus two bowls of Korean noodles and we ate it outdoor while snowing. The feeling was damn great!! After buying the tickets, we crossed to the island by the ferry, about 5-10 minutes?

Beautiful Nami Island with snow background :)

We walked and enjoyed the view. This island was famous for its beautiful tree lined road. It was where the Korean drama, Winter Sonata, was filmed, very famous. But I didn't watch it yet though hehehe.... When we reached that area, it was snowing again! Wow! It was so wonderful and romantic ya.... Everyone there was very happy and exciting, just like me ^^ It was cold and some road was slippery. The river was frozen. However it was a great experience. Have to thank my friend for insisting me to go there hehehe...

Beautiful scene from Winter Sonata

We just walked around the island, enjoying the snow view, took photos, and return back at about 4pm.

BBQ chicken with cold noodle

Before that, we had a late lunch, BBQ chicken, at the restaurant nearby, plus a bottle of soju.

When we wanted to go back to the Gapyeong Station, we met with one Korean girl and Chinese Korean. They also wanted to take the subway back to Seoul. So when the taxi came, I offered them to join us and we sat together and chit chatted inside the subway.

N Seoul Tower - Love padlock and heart chair

We continued our journey to visit N Seoul Tower. My friend also asked me to visit the place. We didn't enter the Observatory area or going up to the upper floor. We just browsed around the area. There was a place where couple locked their heart with the love padlock (sold at KRW8,000 or about S$10 for single padlock) and left their padlock there by locking it around the walls. There were numbers of heart chairs too designed for shy couple, which actually made then sitting closer as the shape was like 'V' shape.

Shindang-dong Mabokrim Grandma Tteokboki

Before going back to hostel, we went eating dinner at Mabokrim Grandma Tteokboki at the Sidandong Toppoki Street. There were lots of restaurants selling tteokboki but this one was recommended by many of my friends.

Only then we went back home at about 11 pm. Again, Internet was not working. I slept early at 12 am. To my nightmare, I woke up at 3am and posing 'Merlion' inside the toilet. Oh.. many things came out from my mouth. It was horrible! I woke up and vomited again few hours later and decided to stay inside the hostel today while I asked my hubby to go around the city himself.

I went to the main office building and stayed there for almost a half day. I cooked my porridge there, drank my Ginger tea, ate the gastric medicine, however,  it was all thrown out not long after. Oh... horrible!  Thought of seeing doctor as the last resort but I didn't have any insurance and didn't buy any travel insurance as well. So,  I asked my Korean friend on what should I do since I didn't stop vomiting. She asked me not to take any food today, just water. She will go to the Pharmacy after finishing her work and visit me. Hope the medicine will work. At the mean time I will just have more rest and will go back to my room now as the Internet has worked again, according to the staff.  We'll see.  Anyway... Take care everyone! Health is a great wealth. But I've seen places I wanted to go, although not all. But it's enough already. Time to take a good rest and replenish my energy. Please help me pray so that I can get well soon ^^ Thank you!

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