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First blog post in 2014 :)

Happy New Year 2014 -  (Source:

I was too concentrated with my blog post last night until I didn't realize that the clock ticked away towards year 2014. I could hear my neighbor's sound from the windows beside me, shouting and counting down excitingly - 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and Happy New Year!!!! Yalama!!! I was surprised, thought that I heard it wrongly. Thought that they counted down falsely hahaha.. I really didn't realize that the time passed so fast!!!

I came out from Baobei's room, heading to the living room where my hubby and sis-in-law were watching the local TV show. Fireworks were blown up in the middle of the Singapore city. People was partying, dancing, drinking and made themselves drunk. And yet, I was alone, writing, and contemplating. Hehe... Suddenly I was thinking with myself, "Am I too old for that?" Lolx!!! I faster adapted into the situation and wished everyone in the house a very happy new year, kissed and hugged my dear hubby and son.

I returned back to the room, continued writing, until it's done. No wonder I heard my hand phone beeped few times before the counting down happened. My besty reminded me to start counting down hahaha.... and wished me happy new year too. I was too busy with myself, didn't even have time yet to wish them back. So when my writing was over, I started to write my wishes to them one by one. I had to make sure that I conveyed my deep wishes for them to have a blessed and happy new year, all the best in everything that they do, and be happy :)

I kept typing until my fingers were paining. It was around 2am ba! My hubby and son started to sleep. I was still sober since I had my sleep in evening time from 4.30 to 9pm. Instead of joining them sleeping, I decided to try my luck, see if I could watch the Running Man from my iPad mini. Hohoho.... It was working! Sometimes it wasn't. Therefore, I decided to watch their latest series, episode 178, New Year edition. I used my earpiece so that it wouldn't disturb my hubby sleeping. I watched it for about two hours, let myself laugh with all the funny scenes that they showed. In this episode, it was Running Man members versus their Production team.

Screenshot of Running Man Ep. 178 (Source:
Seven of them worked together as a team very well in this series. No betrayal at all among the member like they usually did. They were so positive as well, especially when they used the carton boxes, folded into a boat, sat on it, and they had to crossed the Han river within 25 minutes by one of the boats. (Since there were 7 members, they were divided into 2 boats with 4 and 3 pax in each boat). The boat that consisted of 3 pax really worked hard and did their best to cross over the big river. Although it consisted of one woman, one older man (the oldest in the team), and only one young man acted as a captain, with team work and lots of motivation from the captain, they could overcome it and reached the finish line, even earlier than the given time. It was amazing to see how they could do it. Watch the show here if your computer could access into it. As for the other boat, their boat was capsized but they gave it another try so that they could earn more running ball as a team. Although they were wet, wind was cold, and what was left from the boat was only the below part, they still did their very best to finish the race. Amazing!!!

Since beginning of the game, they were also very positive that their team would be able to win the game that their production team prepared for them. They created their own "cheer" to motivate themselves. And at the end, from their collected running man ball, the balls would be inserted into the machine and the name in the ball that came out from the machine would be the winner. The loser would be splashed with water from the top. Imagined that they were outside during winter time and wore limited clothes. Guess what the result was? The ball that came out was the production team's ball and they were supposed to be the winner. However, there was a technical error that caused the water to splash on the production team and not on the running man team. Hahahaha.... I just thought that all good spirits, all good thinking, all good motivation, would attract the good thing to come. Even if they were supposed to be the loser, but since they had gone through so much, trying their best to overcome all the games hurdles and challenges, at the end, they managed to avoid the bad thing and had a happy ending.

That what made me wonder how amazing the power of positive spirit, thinking and motivation that people have. If we do like that, it will attract positive things back to us. A very good thing that we can learn from this variety show. So, let's start the year with that and continue doing it until the very end. Be consistent with it, make it a habit, so that you can see changes into your life :)

I woke up at 11.40am this morning, oopss.. almost afternoon time hahaha... I got up from bed after 12pm. Took a bath, then went out to have lunch outside. We needed energy to start the year!! Yeah!! On the way to Punggol Plaza, my son already told me, "I want to eat dumpling noodle." I had already expected that he would order that when he knew that he was going to that coffee shop. As for my hubby, "I am going to have a kopi, no eating." Like usual, I would force him to buy some food since it's already afternoon time and coffee would not be enough for big size human like him. As for me, "I want to eat Vegetarian food this time as today is the 1st day of the month in lunar calendar." Therefore, three of us had our first wish coming true hehehe... We ate until very full and headed to the supermarket.

There, we walked around the fresh fruit and vegetable side. I picked carrots and celery up and put it into our basket. I wanted to make juice from it - for first time trying to have vegetable juice :) We walked into the refrigerator side and suddenly he got a mood to cook wanton noodle. He took pork fat, minced pork, noodles, wanton skin, chye sim, spring onion, and he's done with his shopping. Lately I told him that there wasn't any delicious wanton noodle around our area. That's why he wanted to cook it himself so that I could eat the nice one, made only by him hehehe... Thank you hubby!

So after reaching home, he started busy preparing the wanton. He did it all alone. I was inside my room, writing my journal. I just realized that I had abandoned my journal for almost one month, due to busy period at work and holiday season. I wrote three pages about what I wanted to do in year 2014. My hopes and wishes for this year :)

Delicious wanton noodle - made by hubby :)

At 6pm, I started getting hungry. He prepared the noodle and the wanton as per my wish. No chilli, just pork fat oil and soya sauce for my noodle with lots of vegetables. As for wanton, I wanted it dry, no soup, and mixed it with pork fat oil, sweet soya sauce (Indonesia's style), chopped spring onion and fried red onion. He put some fish balls into it as well. Nyummy!!!! I love it so much!! Thank you so much dear! With your standard, I think you can open the wanton noodle shop. Hehehe...

The weather was cooling outside, and no rain. I decided to go cycling. The park was unexpectedly so crowded this evening. So many people running, cycling, walking with their family members, exercising, walking with their girlfriend/ boyfriend, or among friends, etc. Today is 1st January and yet people spend their time in this park. I was wondering for so long. On the way return then I realized why. Since it's 1st January, many people couldn't wait to start their New Year's resolution. There must be many people out there wish to exercise more, to start running, to start cycling, to start spending more time with their family, or with friends, etc. Ahhhh... no wonder la... So, if you have those resolutions in your mind, please start it asap ok? Don't wait until this or that like the usual excuse hehehe....

After coming back home, I made the celery, carrot plus orange juice, mixed them together and shared it with everyone. A healthy drink, a healthy mind, ready to start the challenging year ahead. OH ya, forgot to mention, last night, I was refraining myself from opening the sparkling red wine or touching any beer. Hahaha... I will try my best not to make drinking as a habit. Just drink when traveling abroad, or socializing outside with friends, but not an everyday event at home. Hahaha... I was talking with myself. :P

Oklah, I will stop here. Tomorrow it will be a very busy day at work. I need enough sleep to start my day well. So, good luck everyone with your resolution for this year. Keep up your spirit, thinking positively as the Running Man members in that episode, sure it will attract the positivity back into your life. Have a great 2014 ahead everyone!! Jia you!!!


Kipchu Namgyel said...

It really was a humble and sincere celebration of new years eve and yeah thanks that you too reminded me to think of my first blog post for the new year,,,,

Overcome said...

Thank you for keep reading and giving your comments into my blog post Kipchu! Happy New Year to you and keep writing! :)

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