Tuesday, January 14, 2014

South Korea trip day 2 - Flying to a beautiful Jeju Island

We woke up at around 9.30am in the morning, struggling with the cold temperatures even inside our heated room. We packed our luggage and went out, heading to a nearby Café, next to the hostel's office. The place was warm and cozy. It's specialized in coffee. Quite expensive though. 1 cup of Americano (black coffee) costs KRW 4,500 (S$5.50) and a cup of Cappuccino costs KRW 5,500 (S$6.70), comparable with Starbucks or hotel's lobby's Cafe ^^ However it tasted good and it was served in quite big serving plus a piece of delicious chocolate, which we thought a cube of hard brown sugar at first. Lolx!

Annyeong Hasseyo! A boost for a cold day :)

Tell you what, here,  one thing I love about Korea,  lots of free Wi-fi service available. Major places like airport,  hotels,  café,  etc. provided it. That's why I could often connect Internet here without a need to pay a single cent. The speed was fast too! We sat inside for a while, enjoying the warmthness of the room before we checked-out and stored our luggage into the hostel. We will be going back to the same hostel after coming back from Jeju Island :)

When we told the staff about our cold room,  he told us that his room was even colder than ours. Eh.... Nothing to say liao!

We stopped at Daiso to buy heat pack for hands. My hubby bought one for a try the night before and it was quite useful to warm up our freezing hand. I had to stop him to buy too much as he planned to buy more and put it under the blanket while sleeping. Lolx!

So,  we took subway heading to Gimpo domestic and international airport. I also love the Seoul subway. There were so many lines. You would get scared when you looked at the map for the very first time. Luckily my colleague had a soft copy on her mobile and passed it to me so it came handy when I needed to check the places.

On our way to Gimpo Airport :)

One good thing was we were allowed to bring food and drink and to consume it inside. Unlike in Singapore,  we could get fine S$500 for eating and drinking inside the MRT. So, before taking our train,  we bought Dunkin' Donuts and ate it inside the subway ^^ Although they allowed people to eat and drink inside, however,  it was clean inside the subway. Korean took good care of their public property. They also applied the garbage separation everywhere. They provided litter and recycle bin everywhere,  especially inside the residential area. They also minimizes the usage of plastic bag. You had to prepare your own recycle shopping bag, trolley, carry with two hands, or prepared and put your items in recycle boxes available inside the supermarket. You could purchase the paper bag at a small fee too in case you didn't bring any recycle bag with you. They were very well discipline on this. Well done!

At Gimpo Airport :)

After checking-in, we walked around the airport and had our lunch in one of the eateries. We chose Korean food over the fast food hehehe... This time I tried their cold noodle (my favorite) while hubby ate the spicy meat and vegetable soup. Both tasted delicious. I love Korean food so much! Most of them spicy but really delicious. It always came with banchan (small side dishes) which also tasted really good! :)

At 3pm,  we left Seoul to Jeju Island. We took Jeju Air, kind of local budget airlines offering the cheapest fare among others. It was an hour journey. I was knocked off once sitting on the plane and woke up only when it reached hehehe...

Jeju Island was an island in the South. The weather was slightly warmer than in Seoul. It was around 2 - 7 degree Celsius. But the wind could chill too. We took taxi to reach our hotel. Here, my hubby booked a good hotel. It's a suite with separate bedroom and living room, facing the sea. It's much warmer here, good to sleep. The cost of staying here for 2 nights were more expensive than the costs of staying at the hostel in Seoul for 5 nights. Hahaha... So that made really big difference in term of quality though, obviously!

Our flight and hotel @Jeju Island

Thank Buddha that we could escape the cold Seoul for few days hehehe... Will continue the journey in next post. Keep tune!! ^^

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