Monday, November 07, 2022

Hairdresser chit chat

Good and bad day to cut hair (Source:

According to Tibetan almanac, today was a good day to cut your hair. Actually I wanted to cut my hair three days ago. It was also a good day to cut hair. But I spent my whole day making Momo, and by the time I finished, the sky had turned dark and the salon had closed down. 

So today, I decided to go cutting my hair after having my lunch at home. There were few places I usually went. Either the one near my house (within walking distance) or the ones at Hougang (few stops MRT away). For today, I went to the one nearby my house. 

I went in the afternoon because there was usually lesser people as many people were working, schooling, or mostly busy with their own business. I was not working anyway, so I had plenty of time to choose. 

As I guessed correctly, it was only one customer before me and there was 1 available so I could start cutting hair as soon as I entered the salon. 

My hairdresser was a Malaysian lady in her early to mid 20s. She was from KL and had just come here for 5 months. Before that, she worked the same job in PJ for 4 years.

How did I know? She told me all these as we were chatting incessantly as soon my butt hit the chair. Perhaps she was bored and I might be her first customer in the day. So when she saw me, she was happy to finally find someone to talk. 

She asked lots of questions to me. Usually I preferred staying quiet through the whole process but today, I decided chatting with her back. 

The questions she asked were as per below:

- Had I come here before? When was it?

- When we the last time I cut my hair?

- Where did I usually cut my hair? Was it the only place or I went to many different places?

- What hairstyle I wanted to have today? (This was a very generic question as she wanted to know which direction she needed to go as she cut my hair) She would tell me what hair style suited me better and easier to maintain. 

The reason I cut my hair (Pic source:

- Had I eaten lunch?

- Did I stay nearby here?

- She noticed about my hair colour I applied about a year ago. She asked if I applied it myself? She commented that I had very less white hair, although I told her it started growing more and more lately, because some people would show bunches if it at the root

- Did I eat black sesame often? (She believed that by eating it often, it would help the black hair to keep growing - instead of white ones)

- She also noticed I had many baby hair, so I told her after hair dropped, the baby hair would automatically grow. She said, not everyone would grow it. So it might because I was having healthy hair. Or maybe because I was still young

- Did I usually curl my hair? She mentioned that she did it sometimes. I told her I liked keeping my hair simple (actually I also had no idea on how to do it and never had interest of doing it)

- Had I tried cutting my fringe short before? I told her not for a long time. When was the last time? I said, I could not remember. I just did not like it. And she agreed, because I would have to cut it short for every few weeks (she herself had short fringe though, so I bet she knew how it felt)

- How old was I? She guessed I was in my 30s. Oh before that she was asking me if I wanted to remove my mask, and I did. So she could see my overall face. I just smiled upon her guess and did not reply. 

- Not satisfied, she was asking if I had children. I asked her back, what would she think? She said, yes. Again, I did not say whether I had or not but I told her that women did not usually reveal her age to anyone and she was no longer pestering me on this matter

- Didn't I have to work today?

- How many day or days my day or days off was or were? Saturday Sunday? (In Singapore, this question was indirectly asking if I worked office job or operation kind of work)

- Was I having plan for early retirement? Because she said many people were dreaming of it. I was thinking, she was in her early 20s, so it was normal for her to have this kind of thinking, or even dream about it

- She also mentioned that many people did not work as they wanted to travel. It led to her next question whether I had any plan to travel soon, and where to? 

- What would I do after cutting hair? Would I go out? When I told her I would go home, she asked why I did not go out? Not boring? (It seemed to me that she was the one who was bored)

This happened to me earlier too lol (Pic source: 

Our chat was stopped when she washed my hair, but after that she would continued until whole process was over. 

Lol... she was so young yet she was so energetic with those incessant questions and chatting. I think she could think of changing her job to become reporter or detective instead of hairstylist. She was the youngest among other staffs though, so maybe she was just too happy when she met young customers like me :P At least she got her job done well and I had my hair cut as I wanted.

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