Friday, May 31, 2013


The leaving guy being bullied - and the most right ---> another leaving guy
 "Don't cry because you're leaving smile because you were here."

It's time again where we have to part with our colleagues. After receiving bonus last month, many staffs left and looked for a better career prospect or due to many other reasons.

This time, there were three colleagues leaving from department where I work and one of them was the one who worked closely with me (same section). He had been worked for almost 10 years, starting from bartender then moved to store and then to my side.

My Boss held farewell party yesterday evening for him and our IT Manager. Yesterday was his last day and today is the IT Manager's last day. The party was combined together as the day they left closed to each other.

We have gone through together in many occasions related to company's activities, such as: D&D, We Care, Theme Day, Family Day, Department Outing, and so on. It's already like one family here.

I wanna say thank you to both of them, especially the one who worked closely with me. Despite what happened in the past, he still put in lots of effort to train the staff who is going to take over his position. Even after I left office yesterday night, he was still in the office training the new staff with the works.

I wish both of them all the best for their future endeavor. Sometimes we need a change to create a better us. Hope their decisions to move on can bring them to right direction. All the best!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love notes from my dear son :)

This morning when I packed my bag to work, guess what I found? My son's student's card and small little love notes from him :)

Every night after work, after having dinner and taking a bath, I would put myself into my room reading my book or playing with Ipad and turn on the air-con. Air-con would attract my son into my room, and of course, me. Hahaha....

When he saw me busy watching video in Ipad, he would go out and in the room for many times to attract my attention, until he really couldn't stand, he would stay on the bed and sit next to me. He then started to 'disturb' me :D

He shouted he was bored for many many times and started to talk about anything until I had no choice but to stop the movie I watched or to put down the book I read.

He told me what he did in the afternoon after school, what he ate (again, his favorite McSpicy from McDonald), how not nice the new McDonald's Peri Peri Burger, his height and weight (he is obviously over weight now - height 1,40m and weight 54.40kg - he even argued with me when I said he is 55 kg, he said, no, not yet, now only 54.40 kg ^^"), how proud he is that his last time's good friend is even still fatter than him, that he almost forgot about his CCA yesterday afternoon and only remembered after boarding inside the school bus - so he told driver to drop him and he walked back to school, and many more stories coming out from his mouth.

Hahaha.... I feel very blessed and grateful that my son would like to share his activities and life story with me :) Occasionally I kissed his two chubby cheeks and lip and he kissed me back same way. Sometimes we would hug and I could feel how fluffy his body is, could make it as my pillow when I sleep :) Thank you Baobei, for making me the happiest mother on earth :)

He can't borrow library book lately because he lost one of the books that he borrowed last month and we haven't paid the book yet to the library. And he has one book that was overdue too. He passed the book to me yesterday but I didn't go to library yesterday as I thought of returning it this Saturday.

So yesterday he was asking me again if I have returned his book. He mentioned that he went to library yesterday with his grandma, but he wasn't allowed to borrow any book due to haven't paid the lost book yet. I told him to pass me his student card so I can settle it tonight. That's how his student's card landed at my room this morning :)

What made me happy was his love notes. We have built this little habit (writing love notes) since he was very little. Sometimes I worked and came back home very late. Before he slept, he would write some 'Good night' love notes to me. And sometimes I would reply him back and put the notes on his table so that he could find my notes in the morning when he woke up (he has to wake up at 5.30am every morning to catch the school bus).

Anyhow, I just want him to know, I love you dear Baobei!!! :) Hope we can keep loving each other 'til the end of time :) Hugs and kisses from me to you too Baobei.. Muach.... :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keep up the good habits!!! I can do it!!! :)

Last night I slept at 11pm and this morning I woke up at 5am. Seemed like my body knew when to wake up, even before the alarm rang! Amazing right? Hehe...

Last week I had a week break from cycling because on Sunday before that I went for three step and one bow. My knees were bruised, my thigh muscles were all stiffed. I still woke up at 5am, but my body told me that I needed more rest although my heart wanted to cycle. That's why I decided to give myself a break plus the holiday back home since last Thursday up to yesterday.

And this morning, although I had just had my period, my mind was clear and set that I would go for cycling today. Hehehe... You know, in one way and another, it has benefited me in good health. Because during foot reflexiology, it showed that my organs were functioning very well (except my SLE), and I was very sure it was because of recent exercises that I did (cycling and yoga) also the fresh fruit juices that I drank every morning :) So I am determined to continue this habit into my life.

Also, the place, Singapore, has provided all that I need. So, I won't waste this chance to continue sleeping :) Hehe... It's safe, no dogs running after me, no mountain slopes up and down, a very nice smooth road path for cycling, a fresh and clean air plus breeze in the morning, it was all given to me and I feel very grateful for all that.

Most importantly, I could spend time alone wondering, thinking, reflecting on anything that appeared on my mind every morning. Sometimes I speak with myself, observing what I have done. And the recent trip back home, the books that I read, the video that I watched, it has brought me with directions on what I want to do with my life. It brings new goals on what to achieve in my life.

Robin was right. In his book, he mentioned that he would spend some time thinking early in the morning after waking up at 5am. Now I do both things at the same time. Cycling and thinking. It felt really good. I had quiet time for me to think and clear the cloud in my mind, so that I can start my work later with ease.

And I noticed this morning, that there were more people doing exercise now. Last two weeks, I only saw few people, but today, more people ran, jogged, and walked at the same timing. I also saw my friend starting to run and take sunrise photos at the same place. Haha... It is good. Means more people realizing the benefits that Singapore has and we have to make a full good use on it, most importantly, that it's for good reasons, the good health, a priceless gift that our lives ever give us :)

In the future, with more HDBs are ready to stay, there will be more people exercising in the area. Just hope it won't be overcrowded :( but I know, it will. Just like the overcrowded MRT.

However, keep up the spirit!!! If you have a long time wish to start doing exercise early in the morning, do it now! Don't wait! Embrace what life has given to you. Utilize it and live life to the fullest!!! Have a great week everyone! :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home sweet home

'You will never know how much you love someone until you lose them." One of my friends told me this, after experienced losing his loved one. His loved one is still alive, only that she chose not to be with him.

Lots of time we take things for granted. We always think that there is always tomorrow. People that we love will always alive tomorrow. So that we don't treasure our days and live just like that. More often or not, the quote above will let us know if we love them much - too bad, it often happens too late when we realized.

I decided to go back home to spend more time with my parents just few weeks before. I came back alone as my hubby has to work and my dear son has to go to school. I only have 4 full days but I guess it's quality that matters over the quantity. So, I hope I can use this limited time worthwhile and have some break out of my daily routine.

I took night flight yesterday. I had enough time to prepare after finishing my works. I had McD for dinner at the airport before entering the departure gate. I browsed around and did some shopping in the airport. Btw, Changi Airport was chosen as World's best airport at Skytrax World Airport Awards. You have lots of choice to shop, eat and spend time. Free wi-fi, using internet at computer provided, foot massage machines everywhere, and most importantly, clean and fully air-con. Hohoho... I love to stay there longer :P

The flight was delayed about half an hour. While waiting I watched Running Man using my Ipad mini (again, thanks for the free wi-fi). The plane was full. Many people returned back home and only few were to visit and holiday or work.

It took 1 hour and 20 mins to reach Jakarta. We landed at new terminal (T3) of Bandara Soekarno-Hatta (named after Indonesia first President and Vice President). There were long queue at Immigration Checkpoint and also luggage clearance. By the time I went out, it was 12.30am already (supposedly I should reach at 11pm).

My parents were waiting outside for me. They both looked very tired. But they never complained or showed discomfort to me. They even asked me if I was hungry and would like to have food to eat. I told them, "No, i am not hungry. Let's go home and rest." We all went back home. Luckily the airport wasn't too far from my house. We reached home in less than half an hour.

My mom showed me my room. It was all prepared with clean sheet and air con had been turned on, and mosquito repellent had been sprayed too as no sign of mosqiito bite on me this morning when I woke up. Thank you for your unconditional love Ma and Pa.

Sometimes I wonder. Supposedly, I should be the one who treated them like that. But at my age now, they still treated my like their own young princess. Hehe... I feel like never growing up when they are around. (No wonder I always feel I am in my 20s only) Hahaha.... :P

This morning, I woke up late. I set my alarm, but forgot to turn it on. We supposed to depart at 6am, but I only woke up ar 6.30am. Haha... Seems like my parents were all tired too. I quickly took a bath and prepared my things and we departed at 7am. We are going to a small village called Garut. It's about 4.5 hours driving from Jakarta. But since we departed a bit late, the traffic has made our journey longer. Now we are still on the way there. I hope this journey will be wonderful, especially it's only three of us. Hehe... Hope to spend quality time with them. Continue again!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


“Gratitude means to recognize the good in your life, be thankful for whatever you have, some people may not even have one of those things you consider precious to you (love, family, friends etc). Each day give thanks for the gift of life. You are blessed” - Pablo

I am sorry to hear about the devastating news reported on TODAY newspaper this morning, “A 3-km wide tornado with winds of up to 320kmh has attacked Oklahoma city suburb on Monday morning. It flattened homes, flung cars through the air, and landed a direct blow on an elementary school.” Many lives were taken including children.

Around a month ago, we also heard the news reporting the Lushan in Sichuan Province’s magnitude 7.0-earthquake that killed almost 200 lives.

How fragile human life is, isn’t it?

The disaster can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

From these incidents, I can’t stop being grateful of staying and living in this small country. Although it’s small, but during my period staying here for more than 10 years, I never heard of any tragic disaster reported just like what happened in other places in the world.

No Tsunami, no tornado, no hurricane, no big earthquake, no major flooding (only minor one and only attacked some areas), no forest fire, no volcano eruption, etc. Other than that, Singapore is also considered as a safe country with low crime rate. However, low crime rate doesn’t mean no crime rate. We still have to be alert and careful.

The point that I want to make it here is that… I feel grateful for the place I live in. I also encouraged my hubby and son to be grateful with where we stay. Sometimes, they would have complained and expressed their dissatisfaction on how high the stress level is here; people work all day and night just to be able to earn for living (well, I bet everyone does this everywhere, not just here ba?); high standard of living cost (yes, we are one of the country who has a high living cost in the world.

However, I still think the money we paid was returned with good standard of service too as we seldom experience blackout/no electricity – during my stay it only happened once and it only lasted for less than an hour; we always have water and gas supply. If they do maintenance or stop the supply, they will inform us days before; mobile/internet connection – well, can’t say we can connect very well, but compared with some other parts of the world, we’re so far quite pampered with the convenience); high level difficulty in studying (well, this one I agree. Lots of students here are very stress. After school, many of them still have to attend the tuition, even on weekend. But I have heard my Indonesian friends who have kids too. They all complain on first, how expensive school fees in private school in Indonesia. Second, their kids learn not only one or two, but three languages at the same time – Indonesian, English, and Chinese. Third, their kids are attending much additional tuition after school as they all believe education is very important for their future and only those who are able to master it all, will be successful when they grow up. Well, I am not sure if their success will be guaranteed after attending it all, but I still believe people’s characters and attitudes towards life are still the ones who hold the importance of being a success and happy people. However, Singaporean students are not the only ones who are having hard time in studying no?).

Sometimes my friends would grumble over a low salary that he/she receives here. But when I told them how much salary that others earn in other part of the world - who works in government sector- they would open their mouth and disbelieved. They would start arguing how cheap their living cost there, how government would pay for their education, medical bill, and so on. Well, they were not wrong either. But, I told them, even with that amount of salary, they still had to take loans in order to buy car, build house, education for their children, and so on. But he/she should have been lucky to have that amount of salary.

So the key here is to be content with what we have and be grateful. Yes, our salary is not that much, but at least we have a work. We don’t depend on others in living. We have two hands, two legs and healthy body to work and move around. We still have a roof to stay (be it rent or purchase). We have at least two meals a day (some even three or four meals a day). We have clothes to wear (even some managed to get branded one). And no matter how high our salary is, if we are not controlling our spending, we’ll still be haunted by loans till the end of our lives. And no matter how high our salary is, if we are not happy with our job (higher stress level, no time to spend with family and loved ones, made us sick and tired everyday), then what’s the purpose???
Wherever you are, people all encounter same things – same challenges in life. It’s how we face the challenge that is different.

Before this, I always wonder on how come many Bhutanese who studied overseas would always return back to their country after they graduated. I seldom heard they chose to settle down overseas. I asked few people
about their opinions and now I understand why.

Life in Bhutan is much more relaxing. They have plenty of time to be spent with friends and families after work (Those who works in office mostly works from 9am to 4pm – during winter and to 5pm – during summer). Their time is abundance (in other part of the world, people rush for time, and for them time is money). They are pampered with rich natural resources and plenty of fresh air (they’re living surrounded by natures, not by tall buildings and concretes. They even have pedestrian day where no cars are allowed on street once in month – in some countries, you can’t even see clearly what lies in front of you due to the very bad air pollution). Their food supply is much more healthy as they can grown their own plants in their house’s backyard, garden, or some even have own field (oh, I just saw in Facebook how miserable those who lived in big cities in USA, they paid an incredible high rental fees but living in place that you couldn’t even stand up on it, or lots of Chinese people live in a room that no window on it and in a very small space. Don’t even think of growing plants!!). Government would pay their expenses when they fall sick and provide scholarship for further studies.

Most importantly, people there are friendly, full of courtesy, and live simply. In rich countries, many people are showing off their wealth with luxury cars, big and beautiful house/apartment, branded bags/ clothes/ shoes, bling bling jewelry, and so on. But does it mean they are happy? Well, try to get the answer from them ba! Happiness is not always be counted by how much money you have, right?

However, gratitude and contentment will still be the important keys of happiness level that we are in, no matter where we live in, and who we are. Many simple things can derive happiness, such as: smile, children’s laughter, beautiful sunrise/sunset and sky, and so on.

And here, I want to express my gratitude for what I have now, what I have in the past, and what I will have in the future. I hope you all can express your gratitude too toward what you have and encountered in life. Have a great day everyone!!!

“How would your life be different if... you began each day by thanking someone who has helped you? Let today be the day...You make it a point to show your gratitude to others. Send a letter or card, make a call, send a text or email, tell them in whatever you have to do to let them know you appreciate them.” – Steve Maraboli

“Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. Worst people give you a lesson. And best people give you memories.” – Unknown.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love-then make that day count!” – Steve Maraboli

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never stop rejoicing and adoring!!!

Beautiful and peaceful daybreak
It's 3rd Saturday I went cycling, and this time together with my dear son. We departed at 5.50am, when the sky was still so dark, with no moon around. The road was still so quiet and there were few joggers and cyclists in the park.

When the sun slowly appeared :)

Love the sunrise, the sky and the birds, everything!!! I am blessed :)
Since it's Saturday, I slowed down following the rhythm and my son's speed. It's much more relaxed than what I usually had on myself. Slowly but steady. We made one round of Punggol Park and met up near the Sunrise Bridge. Just nice, after reaching there, we managed to witness the slowly rising sun, which was beautiful and mesmerizing. Simply wonderful!!!

Slowly appeared into the sky

View of the airplane - so this is where the sound coming from :D

Enjoying breakfast early in the morning :)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


When I mention ‘WEALTH’ word, what will appear first in your mind??? ‘MONEY’?? I think most people will think of that. But Robin Sharma defined wealth in seven forms, as per what he wrote in his book, ‘The Greatness Guide’. I will share his points here:

1. Inner wealth. It includes a positive mindset, high self-respect, internal peace and a strong spiritual connection.

2. Physical wealth. Your health is your wealth. What’s the point of being the best business person in the hospital ward? Why be the richest person in the graveyard?

3. Family and social wealth. When your family life is happy, you will perform better at work. No one gets to the end of their life and regrets making their family their first priority. Related to this is the importance of building deep connections with friends and members of your personal community (including mentors, role models and trusted advisors)

4. Career wealth. Actualizing your highest potential by reaching for your best in your career is incredibly important. Getting to greatness in your profession brings a feeling of satisfaction on a job well done. It helps you make your mark. Being world class in your work is so good for your self-respect.

5. Economic wealth. Yes, money is important. Not the most important thing in life but very important. It absolutely makes life easier and better. Money allows you to live in a nice home, take beautiful vacations and provide well for those you love. And as Yoon Chouinard, the founder of the outdoor gear company Patagonia, has said: “The more I make, the more I can give away.”

6. Adventure wealth. To be fulfilled, each of us needs mystery in our lives. Challenge is necessary for happiness. The human brain craves novelty. And we are creative beings so we need to be creating constantly if we hope to feel joy. Lots of adventure (ranging from meeting new people to visiting new places) is an essential element of authentic wealth.

7. Impact wealth. Perhaps the deepest longing of the human heart is to live for something greater than itself. Each of us craves to be significant. To make a difference. To know what the world has somehow been better because we have walked the planet.

After reading that, you will realize that money alone does not define being wealthy as there are many rich people who are unhappy and unsuccessful as human beings, won’t you? Think about on what you plan next in order to get those seven forms of wealth in your life, which will make your and other’s life happier and more meaningful.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

HMD - From me to my dear Mom :)

As what were written above, I assumed these were what my Mom think about us everyday. Hehe.... :) One thing that I believe it's true is that she always prays for our good health, safety, and most importantly, our happiness. 

Every night I saw my mom lighted the joysticks and prayed to the above. I could always feel her prayers. I could feel her sincerity in hoping us doing well in our lives. I want to thank you Mom for all your dedicated time, effort, and prayers that make us who we are today.

When I looked back, I realize I didn't give much for you. I seldom called back home. I seldom flew back home. I never sent you any letters home for years. I didn't buy any presents to you on your special day. But it doesn't mean I don't love you Mom.

As my thanks and appreciation, you and Pa will always be my priority, my number one list in my prayers. When we did good deeds, both of you would be the first that I want the good karma to be given to. I hope both of you are blessed with good health, live full of loves, protected from any danger, received help when you need it, have your dreams and wishes come true, and most importantly, be able to let go all suffering, and be happy. 

I know you can't read or understand English much. You might not read my blog post too. But no matter what, I want you to know that I always love you Mom! And thank you for everything that you've done and given to me.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Your love, MQ :)

HMD - From my dear son :)

I love you Baobei... Muach.... :)

This afternoon after finally having lunch and taking bath, my son shouted to me, "Mummy, there is a mail for you...." Today is Sunday, there won't be postman working no? So, it was actually my son who specially delivered his own made big parcel envelope and filled with one folded A4 paper and two smaller envelopes (see photo below).

Reever and his own creations for me :)

There was two side drawings in a piece of A4 paper. As per previous post, he was now in the mood of Minecraft game, therefore, the theme for this year Mother's Day present was also related to Minecraft's accessories created by himself :D

Inside the envelopes, there were small cuts of different shapes paper. One, were heart shapes, and another one, were Minecraft figure with his cloth, pair of pants, helmet, shoes, and even sword. So cute. You could choose which part you want to fix it for the figure. Hehe...

Thank you Baobei!! I love it very much!!! And I love you very much too.... Muach.... :)

Btw, do you know what HMD refers to???? It's Happy Mother's Day!!! Hahaha.... (I didn't know about it earlier.. hehe... :P)

Three Steps One Bow 2013 at Kong Meng Shan Phor Kark See Monastery

San Bu Yi Bai - 12 May 2013

Today me, Baobei and few of my friends went for the annual three steps and one bow held by the above Monastery. My son attends the Buddhist class there every weekend since he was in P1 until now. Today's event was prepared for those volunteers, parents or guardians, and students of the Buddhist class.

They will hold the actual event on 23rd May 2013 starting from 5pm to 7am. And you need to collect the free tickets next Sunday, 19 May 2013 starting 9am. It's limited to 2 tickets per person on first come first serve basis. No overnight queuing is allowed, but usually people will go there as early as 5am to queue :) For non-ticket holders, you can still join in from 10pm on 23 May to 7am next day.

On the actual day, the Monastery will be very crowded. People will come from everywhere to attend the prostration, bath the Buddha statue and many other activities. There will be free food and drink provided too to public.

'Every prostration is the paying respects to the Buddha (also include Bodhisattvas). This practice helps to purify the mind, humble the ego and lessen obstacles along the spiritual path as one repents past misdeeds and aspires towards spiritual development. With mindfulness of one's body, speech and mind during the journey, spiritual qualities are cultivated' - Source:

There are few tips available too in their website, on what you should take note before, during and after the event. Go to the web and check it out!

It took us two hours to complete (from 6,40 - 8.40am). I was so thirsty as I didn't drink much water before coming and no water provided during the prostration. One of my friends had also the same problem and she had slight headache after finished.

It required us a strong determination to bow in every three steps for the whole journey as the road path that we took was quite rough and not smooth at all. I have few bruises on my knees now haha... But it will go off after few days ba! No sweat!

Once done, all of us headed to Cafetaria and had vegetarian noodles there while taking a rest. Luckily weather was good. The sun would only shine to us when we were reaching the finishing line.

Well, I'm glad we all finally made it again this year. Thank you SB for the good karma and fate. Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - May all sentient beings be happy :)

Here I also want to wish all Mothers, Happy Mother's Day, including my dear Mom!!! Thank you for all your suffer and sacrifice for giving birth and raising me up, to become who I am today! Without you, I won't exist in this world and I wouldn't have any chance to inspire the other beings :) I love you Mom! Muach...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

7th Day

Six thirty am @Punggol Waterway

Today it marks my 7th day of waking up as early as 5am and had one-hour cycling continuously. Hehe.... Despite feeling sleepy in the afternoon during working hours, it didn't stop my willpower to do so :)

This morning I started slightly late half an hour and I didn't meet the rest of willpower human that I usually meet. Instead, I met lots of other cyclists and runners that usually I never met. Hehe... And again, I took some photos of the sunrise. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Sun was slowly coming out at 7am

And below is the group of people meditating under the open sky... So nice!! And fresh air!!!

Wish you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Cool hobby of 13 years old boy!!!

Few days ago my second sis sent us photos of her son's pets collection. And the pets that he has are not a normal pets like puppies or cats, but they are more exotic pets, such as: Leopard Gecko, Fat-tail Gecko, Porcupine, Tortoise, Frogs, Hamsters, and even Scorpion. And he is only 13 years old now.

Some of his pets collections

Since he was a very young he had already loved animals, just like his father. He is also a very daring boy, not afraid with animals. He dares to touch any kind of animals that he sees and finds. I take my hats off for him. Unlike me. I would scream when I found cockroach crawling in my office, even when I saw the dead cockroaches :P. And yesterday when cycling, there was something dropped into my hand (looked like worm), and I was so panicked and screamed trying to get that thing off from me. Hahaha.. I laughed at myself on that!!! :P

My nephew w/ a sleeping white tiger - Mar 2009

He loves any kind of animals. I remember my sis told me he was crying for days when his lovely puppy passed away.

Family outing at Ta Mei Tuk - Clarence with Starfish :)

And here are his favorite animals, which are also his current collections :)


All those pets were taken care by himself and were put inside his bedroom. Wow, I can't imagine, bedroom that also housing many pets. My sis said he insisted to put them inside his room as he wanted to sleep with them. He is the one who has to clean and change water too. He once told my sis that one day he wants to have a pet shop on his own. That's a wonderful dream!!! Keep it up Clarence!!! Live your dream up :)

Pets collections on his study table

Photos courtesy from my second sis and Clarence.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

50 things that money can't buy

Share with you the below :) Do you think so too??? :)


It was raining heavily yesterday evening and the road was still wet this morning. I departed as usual, eager to meet those willpower humans.

To my disappointment, I was wondering how come I didn't find many of them after crossing the Sunrise Bridge??? Seemed like all had suddenly disappeared. I only saw 1 cyclist from the opposite direction. No uncle who sat on wheelchair. No woman with barbells on her hands. No old-age couple. Even the moon had hidden itself from me.

I was sad and wondered. Was it due to the rain?? But it was not raining this morning!! Or did they sick? But couldn't be all of them sick at the same time, could they???

I kept wondering until I saw the flooded road under the TPE bridge. I thought the water level was not deep, so I went all the way with my bike. But I was wrong. The water level got deeper and it was as deep as 30 cm, maybe? I got my two feet wet while cycling (I had to keep cycling otherwise my bike stopped in the middle). There were some who trying to walk from sideway, but it was too low to go and the road didn't come straight, therefore made it difficult for people to walk through it. And at the end of the flood road, I saw the uncle who sat on the wheelchair. He was stranded there. And when cycling to direction of Punggol Park, I finally met the rest of the people whom I used to see and then I understood why.....

I continued cycling to Punggol Park and went one round along the pond and met the group of marching people again and heard the uncle's sound warning the rest of the group about my existence. Hehe...

When returning back, I went through the flooded road again. Anyway, my two feet had already wet, so what if I got it wet once again? No big deal right?? Just pray hard that there will be sunshine this afternoon so it can make my shoes dry :D

After reaching home, I made a glass of fresh apple juice. Hm... So sweet :) Nowadays I try to keep my life simple, as usual, and try to have more healthy food. Haha.... Easy to say but not easy to do. There are so much food varieties here! Too many temptations hehe... :D At least, try to drink fresh fruit juice everyday ba! And also eat at least one fruit a day.

I know life is short. And there were real happening too on those people who ran marathon and suddenly passed away on the finishing line at such young age. For outsider, they might think, what for you trained so hard? At the end, this was what you got.

And we've heard many other stories too, where young man in his 30s and 40s had suddenly passed away, although he didn't smoke, didn't drink, he exercised, took care of his food intake, and so on.

That's why many people lose their faith on doing all these. Therefore, they just live their lives as what it is. Enjoy life doing what they like to do with no control. Like smoking, drinking, eat excessively, no exercise, and waiting to die :D

But if I was those who died young, I might share my sentiments. Yes, I might leave the world so early, but we all know, life is unpredictable and nothing last forever. We will never know if we still can alive in minutes from now. But at least, before I died, I would have done what I loved to do and no regret ba! And at least I have tried my best to treat my body with love and kindness by doing healthy lifestyle. Hehe... That's just my thought though :D

Anyway, I'm still alive now. Will continue doing what I love and grateful for each and every new day that comes. Thank you SB!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The joy of meeting 'Willpower Human'

In previous post I was saying that I'd install a new habit. And now it's third day I woke up at 5am. Tell you what. I will describe the feeling that I had while cycling from these past two days here.

I departed at 5.30am from my home. The sky was dark. I was all alone, accompanied only by the crescent moon on my whole journey. I looked at it far above the sky, greeted and smiled :) At that hour, there were not many cars yet, moreover human.

I rode my bike while listening to Buddhist chants along the road path, all alone, quiet and dark. Sometimes there was water sound from the man-made river. Few times when I realized I was alone, the eerie feeling would turn up and scared myself he-he... I conquered it by listening to the chant. Luckily it didn't last long. Once I was reaching the bridge - I called it 'Sunrise Bridge' - where you could see the sunrise - I started seeing human beings.

It started with one or two cyclists from the opposite direction, then an old man who was doing exercise on the bridge. I started smiling and felt happy when seeing them because I was no more alone. From that point onwards, I had this gut feeling to observe the human that I met along the way. I called them “Willpower Human”, which means human with strong willpower.

Every time I passed them by, I would tell myself, “Wow!!! What a wonderful willpower human they are!! They wake up so early everyday (after two days of my observation when I met the same person again), just to do the exercise and keep themselves in a good health (body and mind).”

Since yesterday, I was observing them. I wanted to know how old they were. Was it more men or women? What they did? Was it walking? Sitting and meditating? Cycling? Running? It was at same path, almost same location where I saw them.

A lady in training suit was sweating and walking fast with two barbells on her left and right hand in a good coordination of the body moving. That’s the first that captured my view after passing by the bridge. Moving on, I saw a couple of old man and woman who walked separately, but they obviously know each other and perhaps husband and wife.

I saw an old man in a wheelchair yesterday. He was sitting all alone facing the big river. I was wondering who brought him there, or how could he land himself there as the place couldn’t be reached directly so easy using the wheelchair. And this morning, I finally found the answer.

I saw a man in running suit pushing the wheelchair from the opposite direction. “Haa…,” I nodded and talked to myself. “As per what I guessed.” There must be someone who pushed him there and left him while he did the exercise nearby. That was really great intention by this “willpower man”. The old man looked so weak and couldn’t walk himself. But he has a chance to enjoy the morning breeze and I saw him doing meditation, and it all thanked to the man who brought him there. Again, I was smiling and felt very happy seeing both of them.

On the way to Punggol Park, I would pass by a long road path. It was the path where I could meet more people. And these past two days, I saw the exact same people with additional of others. The same running man, the same bare-top man with a lady walking side by side and talking to each other, the same group of aunties in orange shirts walking by, the same old man clapping his hand while exercising, the same couple who did the warming up, and so on. It was so interesting, at least for me. I won’t get myself bored to see them again and again. They even motivated me to go there daily so that I can find them again.

Once reached Punggol Park, I would find some old men walking backward. It’s how he did his exercise. There were few more middle-aged women wearing same orange shirts did any kind of exercise they like. I rode one round around the pond and would pass by a group of about 20 middle-age people wearing same uniform that walked and marched together. They were all sweating and breathing hard. When I passed them by, I would hear the old man’s voice warned the rest of the group in front, “Xiao xin, jiao chi zai hou mian,” which means, “Be careful, bicycle on your back.” I heard it for a second time today, same voice and same person. I was smiling and happy hearing his warning as he cared about the safety of that group of people.

Oohhh…. It felt so good!!! Doing thing that you love really makes you feel wonderful. You wouldn’t feel dragged down to wake up so early in the morning. You would do it again and again, willingly, which I would say, opening up your heart for it.

On my way back, I saw some people whom I met earlier, going back to their home. Some aunties brought the plastic bag (perhaps after buying breakfast from nearby coffee shop for her families back home). Some were chit chatting on the bench. It seemed that this morning activity had created friendships for them :) And I would smell BBQ prawn from the prawn fishing place that located above the road path at that hour. Amazing right?? Some people didn’t require sleeping at all and enjoyed their lives anytime!! Haha….

It was still dark when I returned back to where I was from. After passing the “Sunrise Bridge”, I would be alone again, with view of very few people running or doing exercise. The moon was still there smiling at me. And before I went up, I met a cyclist who greeted me, “Morning!!” for a very first time human interaction and I greeted him back, smiling. Hehe… I also met an old couple who happened coming from the same estate where I stay, walking to the “Sunrise Bridge” direction. Usually I met them when I was on the way to MRT station to work. So now I know where they came back from.

There were group of people standing up in circle and I didn’t really know what they do, honestly. They were doing some kind of breathing exercise and I could hear their voice, which at first I thought was singing, hehe… This “Willpower humans” were the same group and were there these past two days.

It was wonderful! I will do it as many as I can, since I stay not far from the park. And being able to do this was really a gift, as not every day or every time that the weather was good. Tomorrow onwards, I will greet more on people whom I meet ba! Meeting so many willpower humans has made me feel happy and full of joy!

Reaching home, I put my bike back. Went to kitchen, took 2 carrots and 2 oranges out from the fridge, and made the fresh juices. Once done, I would sit on my balcony, enjoying the cool breeze and healthy juice, ready to start my day!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Do what you love and fear of doing - in practice

Simple thing that makes me happy :)

Lately I focused and enjoyed more on the nature that exist surround me. Realizing that I live in a place where natural resources are limited and surrounded more by concrete buildings, it doesn't stop me treasuring it. 

Instead of complaining on what we are lacking of, I focused more on what we have. Indeed, there is no big mountains, no real waterfalls, no big lake here, don't even have forest that is walkable and not forbidden to enter, but we still can enjoy the sunrise every morning and sunset in the evening. There are still beaches and rivers nearby us. There are still trees with beautiful flowers and different animal creatures like birds and butterflies flying in the sky.

Last night I was reading 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". I read the part "Do what you love" and "Do the things that you fear." First, do what you love. I love cycling. I felt so freedom while riding it, as if there was no one else there, just me and my bike. And second, do the things you fear. I fear of waking up so early as I was afraid I wouldn't have enough sleep or energy after that. Hehe...

I was thinking to wake up as early as 5am every morning and do something like meditation. But somehow, since I had cycling in mind, and I had the urge to see the sunrise, I decided to start the easier thing first :) At 11.20 pm last night, I was telling my hubby to prepare the bike for me as I planned to cycle at 5am this morning. He was laughing at me and even asked me to kick his head if I could do that. Hohoho... Laogong, be prepared, Ok? :P I knew, he mocked me in purpose so that I could prove him wrong :D. 

And this morning when alarm rang, I had a thought of giving up. Hahaha.... I thought of having more sleep honestly. But my hubby's words played in my mind and I really wanted to prove him wrong. Haha... So I got myself prepare and left home at 5.30am.

It was still as dark as night time. Not many people outside and in the park. I went to Punggol Waterfront, the nearby man-made park and river. I listened to Buddhist chant to start my day and cycled all the way to Punggol Park. When reached the coffee shop, I thought of stopping and buying breakfast. But I then realized that there was no lock on my bike (but I brought the key with me... hahaha..). So, forget it then!

Punggol Waterfront - Sunrise at 6.30 am

i cycled back and went to the bridge where I could see the sunrise. At 6.30am, I sat and waited for the sun to rise. I took a rest, enjoyed the view, and snapped some shots of its beauty. Each time it came with different colors and it brought me with happiness. There were birds flying and singing. There were fishes swimming and looking for food near the grasses. And the sunshine was simply beautiful. The clouds were red and orange in color.

Sunrise @Punggol Waterfront

 And I love the clouds. It looked just like a cotton candy in the sky :)

Beautiful clouds @Punggol Waterfront

Well, I'm thinking of installing the new habit of waking up as early as 5 am in the morning everyday. Hehe... Make it this way ba! If weather is good, I'll go out cycling for 1.5 hours before going to work. But if it's raining, I'll still wake up early and try to meditate? What about it?? We'll see ba!!!

Beautiful sunrise :)

And I took the view above on the way cycling back home. I'm loving my new way of living. Hope I can maintain this spirit ah!!! Jia you jia you!!!!!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

To-Read List

Just came back from library and managed to borrow a book by Ajahn Brahm and two books by Robin Sharma. I am reading halfway of 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'. Hope it's gonna be undisturbed weekend and learn few things and practice it into a real life :)

I recall back on what he wrote, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." And also,
“I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason,” the yogi Krishnan told him. “Every event has a why and all adversity teaches us a lesson... Never regret your past. Accept it as the teacher that it is.” So, although I've just found out all this a little bit too late, it's still better late than never to know at all :) I feel so grateful! Enjoy your weekend everyone!!! :)

Minecraft random things with color :)

Colorful pictures by Reever Skantei

This evening after work, again my Baobei showed me his new creation. This time it comes with colors :)

Lately he loves to play the game called Minecraft. "Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty." - source

So, again, those were all his imaginations. Hope you enjoy that!! :)
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