Sunday, May 12, 2013

Three Steps One Bow 2013 at Kong Meng Shan Phor Kark See Monastery

San Bu Yi Bai - 12 May 2013

Today me, Baobei and few of my friends went for the annual three steps and one bow held by the above Monastery. My son attends the Buddhist class there every weekend since he was in P1 until now. Today's event was prepared for those volunteers, parents or guardians, and students of the Buddhist class.

They will hold the actual event on 23rd May 2013 starting from 5pm to 7am. And you need to collect the free tickets next Sunday, 19 May 2013 starting 9am. It's limited to 2 tickets per person on first come first serve basis. No overnight queuing is allowed, but usually people will go there as early as 5am to queue :) For non-ticket holders, you can still join in from 10pm on 23 May to 7am next day.

On the actual day, the Monastery will be very crowded. People will come from everywhere to attend the prostration, bath the Buddha statue and many other activities. There will be free food and drink provided too to public.

'Every prostration is the paying respects to the Buddha (also include Bodhisattvas). This practice helps to purify the mind, humble the ego and lessen obstacles along the spiritual path as one repents past misdeeds and aspires towards spiritual development. With mindfulness of one's body, speech and mind during the journey, spiritual qualities are cultivated' - Source:

There are few tips available too in their website, on what you should take note before, during and after the event. Go to the web and check it out!

It took us two hours to complete (from 6,40 - 8.40am). I was so thirsty as I didn't drink much water before coming and no water provided during the prostration. One of my friends had also the same problem and she had slight headache after finished.

It required us a strong determination to bow in every three steps for the whole journey as the road path that we took was quite rough and not smooth at all. I have few bruises on my knees now haha... But it will go off after few days ba! No sweat!

Once done, all of us headed to Cafetaria and had vegetarian noodles there while taking a rest. Luckily weather was good. The sun would only shine to us when we were reaching the finishing line.

Well, I'm glad we all finally made it again this year. Thank you SB for the good karma and fate. Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - May all sentient beings be happy :)

Here I also want to wish all Mothers, Happy Mother's Day, including my dear Mom!!! Thank you for all your suffer and sacrifice for giving birth and raising me up, to become who I am today! Without you, I won't exist in this world and I wouldn't have any chance to inspire the other beings :) I love you Mom! Muach...


Sangay Cholden said...

I join with you to wish our mothers' a very happy mothers day!! And for you specifically and my mother I wish you loads of happy mothers' Day!!

Overcome Life said...

Many thanks Sangay! :)

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