Wednesday, May 08, 2013


It was raining heavily yesterday evening and the road was still wet this morning. I departed as usual, eager to meet those willpower humans.

To my disappointment, I was wondering how come I didn't find many of them after crossing the Sunrise Bridge??? Seemed like all had suddenly disappeared. I only saw 1 cyclist from the opposite direction. No uncle who sat on wheelchair. No woman with barbells on her hands. No old-age couple. Even the moon had hidden itself from me.

I was sad and wondered. Was it due to the rain?? But it was not raining this morning!! Or did they sick? But couldn't be all of them sick at the same time, could they???

I kept wondering until I saw the flooded road under the TPE bridge. I thought the water level was not deep, so I went all the way with my bike. But I was wrong. The water level got deeper and it was as deep as 30 cm, maybe? I got my two feet wet while cycling (I had to keep cycling otherwise my bike stopped in the middle). There were some who trying to walk from sideway, but it was too low to go and the road didn't come straight, therefore made it difficult for people to walk through it. And at the end of the flood road, I saw the uncle who sat on the wheelchair. He was stranded there. And when cycling to direction of Punggol Park, I finally met the rest of the people whom I used to see and then I understood why.....

I continued cycling to Punggol Park and went one round along the pond and met the group of marching people again and heard the uncle's sound warning the rest of the group about my existence. Hehe...

When returning back, I went through the flooded road again. Anyway, my two feet had already wet, so what if I got it wet once again? No big deal right?? Just pray hard that there will be sunshine this afternoon so it can make my shoes dry :D

After reaching home, I made a glass of fresh apple juice. Hm... So sweet :) Nowadays I try to keep my life simple, as usual, and try to have more healthy food. Haha.... Easy to say but not easy to do. There are so much food varieties here! Too many temptations hehe... :D At least, try to drink fresh fruit juice everyday ba! And also eat at least one fruit a day.

I know life is short. And there were real happening too on those people who ran marathon and suddenly passed away on the finishing line at such young age. For outsider, they might think, what for you trained so hard? At the end, this was what you got.

And we've heard many other stories too, where young man in his 30s and 40s had suddenly passed away, although he didn't smoke, didn't drink, he exercised, took care of his food intake, and so on.

That's why many people lose their faith on doing all these. Therefore, they just live their lives as what it is. Enjoy life doing what they like to do with no control. Like smoking, drinking, eat excessively, no exercise, and waiting to die :D

But if I was those who died young, I might share my sentiments. Yes, I might leave the world so early, but we all know, life is unpredictable and nothing last forever. We will never know if we still can alive in minutes from now. But at least, before I died, I would have done what I loved to do and no regret ba! And at least I have tried my best to treat my body with love and kindness by doing healthy lifestyle. Hehe... That's just my thought though :D

Anyway, I'm still alive now. Will continue doing what I love and grateful for each and every new day that comes. Thank you SB!

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Sangay Cholden said...

Do good to everything that relate to you and nice to know that you are life to the fullest! :D

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