Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Keep up the good habits!!! I can do it!!! :)

Last night I slept at 11pm and this morning I woke up at 5am. Seemed like my body knew when to wake up, even before the alarm rang! Amazing right? Hehe...

Last week I had a week break from cycling because on Sunday before that I went for three step and one bow. My knees were bruised, my thigh muscles were all stiffed. I still woke up at 5am, but my body told me that I needed more rest although my heart wanted to cycle. That's why I decided to give myself a break plus the holiday back home since last Thursday up to yesterday.

And this morning, although I had just had my period, my mind was clear and set that I would go for cycling today. Hehehe... You know, in one way and another, it has benefited me in good health. Because during foot reflexiology, it showed that my organs were functioning very well (except my SLE), and I was very sure it was because of recent exercises that I did (cycling and yoga) also the fresh fruit juices that I drank every morning :) So I am determined to continue this habit into my life.

Also, the place, Singapore, has provided all that I need. So, I won't waste this chance to continue sleeping :) Hehe... It's safe, no dogs running after me, no mountain slopes up and down, a very nice smooth road path for cycling, a fresh and clean air plus breeze in the morning, it was all given to me and I feel very grateful for all that.

Most importantly, I could spend time alone wondering, thinking, reflecting on anything that appeared on my mind every morning. Sometimes I speak with myself, observing what I have done. And the recent trip back home, the books that I read, the video that I watched, it has brought me with directions on what I want to do with my life. It brings new goals on what to achieve in my life.

Robin was right. In his book, he mentioned that he would spend some time thinking early in the morning after waking up at 5am. Now I do both things at the same time. Cycling and thinking. It felt really good. I had quiet time for me to think and clear the cloud in my mind, so that I can start my work later with ease.

And I noticed this morning, that there were more people doing exercise now. Last two weeks, I only saw few people, but today, more people ran, jogged, and walked at the same timing. I also saw my friend starting to run and take sunrise photos at the same place. Haha... It is good. Means more people realizing the benefits that Singapore has and we have to make a full good use on it, most importantly, that it's for good reasons, the good health, a priceless gift that our lives ever give us :)

In the future, with more HDBs are ready to stay, there will be more people exercising in the area. Just hope it won't be overcrowded :( but I know, it will. Just like the overcrowded MRT.

However, keep up the spirit!!! If you have a long time wish to start doing exercise early in the morning, do it now! Don't wait! Embrace what life has given to you. Utilize it and live life to the fullest!!! Have a great week everyone! :)

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