Sunday, May 05, 2013

Do what you love and fear of doing - in practice

Simple thing that makes me happy :)

Lately I focused and enjoyed more on the nature that exist surround me. Realizing that I live in a place where natural resources are limited and surrounded more by concrete buildings, it doesn't stop me treasuring it. 

Instead of complaining on what we are lacking of, I focused more on what we have. Indeed, there is no big mountains, no real waterfalls, no big lake here, don't even have forest that is walkable and not forbidden to enter, but we still can enjoy the sunrise every morning and sunset in the evening. There are still beaches and rivers nearby us. There are still trees with beautiful flowers and different animal creatures like birds and butterflies flying in the sky.

Last night I was reading 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari". I read the part "Do what you love" and "Do the things that you fear." First, do what you love. I love cycling. I felt so freedom while riding it, as if there was no one else there, just me and my bike. And second, do the things you fear. I fear of waking up so early as I was afraid I wouldn't have enough sleep or energy after that. Hehe...

I was thinking to wake up as early as 5am every morning and do something like meditation. But somehow, since I had cycling in mind, and I had the urge to see the sunrise, I decided to start the easier thing first :) At 11.20 pm last night, I was telling my hubby to prepare the bike for me as I planned to cycle at 5am this morning. He was laughing at me and even asked me to kick his head if I could do that. Hohoho... Laogong, be prepared, Ok? :P I knew, he mocked me in purpose so that I could prove him wrong :D. 

And this morning when alarm rang, I had a thought of giving up. Hahaha.... I thought of having more sleep honestly. But my hubby's words played in my mind and I really wanted to prove him wrong. Haha... So I got myself prepare and left home at 5.30am.

It was still as dark as night time. Not many people outside and in the park. I went to Punggol Waterfront, the nearby man-made park and river. I listened to Buddhist chant to start my day and cycled all the way to Punggol Park. When reached the coffee shop, I thought of stopping and buying breakfast. But I then realized that there was no lock on my bike (but I brought the key with me... hahaha..). So, forget it then!

Punggol Waterfront - Sunrise at 6.30 am

i cycled back and went to the bridge where I could see the sunrise. At 6.30am, I sat and waited for the sun to rise. I took a rest, enjoyed the view, and snapped some shots of its beauty. Each time it came with different colors and it brought me with happiness. There were birds flying and singing. There were fishes swimming and looking for food near the grasses. And the sunshine was simply beautiful. The clouds were red and orange in color.

Sunrise @Punggol Waterfront

 And I love the clouds. It looked just like a cotton candy in the sky :)

Beautiful clouds @Punggol Waterfront

Well, I'm thinking of installing the new habit of waking up as early as 5 am in the morning everyday. Hehe... Make it this way ba! If weather is good, I'll go out cycling for 1.5 hours before going to work. But if it's raining, I'll still wake up early and try to meditate? What about it?? We'll see ba!!!

Beautiful sunrise :)

And I took the view above on the way cycling back home. I'm loving my new way of living. Hope I can maintain this spirit ah!!! Jia you jia you!!!!!


Sangay Cholden said...

Good luck maim and yea Beautiful pictures!!

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Sangay for your wish!!!I'll do my best. Indeed, it's beautiful views out there. I was just trying to capture and share it with all of you :) Glad that you like it :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice pictures.
Have been looking for quite a while for a bike. So that I can cycle to the place to shoot some photos.

Anyways, must have felt great to do something satisfying. I remembered starting out running my marathons, I almost couldn't maintain the routine. Now I'm doing long distance running at once every 2 months and been running weekly so that I can keep my mind clear and focus on what I'm doing.

Wai Meng.

Overcome Life said...

Hi Wai Meng! Didn't know you're blogging too :) Thanks! Yup, I saw many people this morning bringing their camera and tripod to catch the sunrise too, so I wasn't the only one hehe...

Go and buy the bike so that you can do what you love - taking shots of beautiful sceneries :) Must be incredible pictures as you know how to take photo well.

Yup, cycling made me smiling and happy all the way. Morning air was so fresh too.. Like passing through the open air-con :D But running is not my cup of tea... Let me stick with what I love ba! Well, have a great Sunday with your families!!

Riku said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. And the way you focus on life what matters most. Keep taking lots of pictures and writing stories.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you Riku! :)

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