Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cool hobby of 13 years old boy!!!

Few days ago my second sis sent us photos of her son's pets collection. And the pets that he has are not a normal pets like puppies or cats, but they are more exotic pets, such as: Leopard Gecko, Fat-tail Gecko, Porcupine, Tortoise, Frogs, Hamsters, and even Scorpion. And he is only 13 years old now.

Some of his pets collections

Since he was a very young he had already loved animals, just like his father. He is also a very daring boy, not afraid with animals. He dares to touch any kind of animals that he sees and finds. I take my hats off for him. Unlike me. I would scream when I found cockroach crawling in my office, even when I saw the dead cockroaches :P. And yesterday when cycling, there was something dropped into my hand (looked like worm), and I was so panicked and screamed trying to get that thing off from me. Hahaha.. I laughed at myself on that!!! :P

My nephew w/ a sleeping white tiger - Mar 2009

He loves any kind of animals. I remember my sis told me he was crying for days when his lovely puppy passed away.

Family outing at Ta Mei Tuk - Clarence with Starfish :)

And here are his favorite animals, which are also his current collections :)


All those pets were taken care by himself and were put inside his bedroom. Wow, I can't imagine, bedroom that also housing many pets. My sis said he insisted to put them inside his room as he wanted to sleep with them. He is the one who has to clean and change water too. He once told my sis that one day he wants to have a pet shop on his own. That's a wonderful dream!!! Keep it up Clarence!!! Live your dream up :)

Pets collections on his study table

Photos courtesy from my second sis and Clarence.

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