Friday, May 31, 2013


The leaving guy being bullied - and the most right ---> another leaving guy
 "Don't cry because you're leaving smile because you were here."

It's time again where we have to part with our colleagues. After receiving bonus last month, many staffs left and looked for a better career prospect or due to many other reasons.

This time, there were three colleagues leaving from department where I work and one of them was the one who worked closely with me (same section). He had been worked for almost 10 years, starting from bartender then moved to store and then to my side.

My Boss held farewell party yesterday evening for him and our IT Manager. Yesterday was his last day and today is the IT Manager's last day. The party was combined together as the day they left closed to each other.

We have gone through together in many occasions related to company's activities, such as: D&D, We Care, Theme Day, Family Day, Department Outing, and so on. It's already like one family here.

I wanna say thank you to both of them, especially the one who worked closely with me. Despite what happened in the past, he still put in lots of effort to train the staff who is going to take over his position. Even after I left office yesterday night, he was still in the office training the new staff with the works.

I wish both of them all the best for their future endeavor. Sometimes we need a change to create a better us. Hope their decisions to move on can bring them to right direction. All the best!

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