Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home sweet home

'You will never know how much you love someone until you lose them." One of my friends told me this, after experienced losing his loved one. His loved one is still alive, only that she chose not to be with him.

Lots of time we take things for granted. We always think that there is always tomorrow. People that we love will always alive tomorrow. So that we don't treasure our days and live just like that. More often or not, the quote above will let us know if we love them much - too bad, it often happens too late when we realized.

I decided to go back home to spend more time with my parents just few weeks before. I came back alone as my hubby has to work and my dear son has to go to school. I only have 4 full days but I guess it's quality that matters over the quantity. So, I hope I can use this limited time worthwhile and have some break out of my daily routine.

I took night flight yesterday. I had enough time to prepare after finishing my works. I had McD for dinner at the airport before entering the departure gate. I browsed around and did some shopping in the airport. Btw, Changi Airport was chosen as World's best airport at Skytrax World Airport Awards. You have lots of choice to shop, eat and spend time. Free wi-fi, using internet at computer provided, foot massage machines everywhere, and most importantly, clean and fully air-con. Hohoho... I love to stay there longer :P

The flight was delayed about half an hour. While waiting I watched Running Man using my Ipad mini (again, thanks for the free wi-fi). The plane was full. Many people returned back home and only few were to visit and holiday or work.

It took 1 hour and 20 mins to reach Jakarta. We landed at new terminal (T3) of Bandara Soekarno-Hatta (named after Indonesia first President and Vice President). There were long queue at Immigration Checkpoint and also luggage clearance. By the time I went out, it was 12.30am already (supposedly I should reach at 11pm).

My parents were waiting outside for me. They both looked very tired. But they never complained or showed discomfort to me. They even asked me if I was hungry and would like to have food to eat. I told them, "No, i am not hungry. Let's go home and rest." We all went back home. Luckily the airport wasn't too far from my house. We reached home in less than half an hour.

My mom showed me my room. It was all prepared with clean sheet and air con had been turned on, and mosquito repellent had been sprayed too as no sign of mosqiito bite on me this morning when I woke up. Thank you for your unconditional love Ma and Pa.

Sometimes I wonder. Supposedly, I should be the one who treated them like that. But at my age now, they still treated my like their own young princess. Hehe... I feel like never growing up when they are around. (No wonder I always feel I am in my 20s only) Hahaha.... :P

This morning, I woke up late. I set my alarm, but forgot to turn it on. We supposed to depart at 6am, but I only woke up ar 6.30am. Haha... Seems like my parents were all tired too. I quickly took a bath and prepared my things and we departed at 7am. We are going to a small village called Garut. It's about 4.5 hours driving from Jakarta. But since we departed a bit late, the traffic has made our journey longer. Now we are still on the way there. I hope this journey will be wonderful, especially it's only three of us. Hehe... Hope to spend quality time with them. Continue again!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

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